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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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Outspread 動 is made is the 動 with all 運 the most important 動 makes one of element, for instance baseball, soccer, 籃 ball, 檯 ball, cropland 徑 , 網 ball, tall 爾 husband waits 無 a moment is not. The 總 結 that it is 驗 of 經 of 踐 of 實 of 數 of case 無 of all need arm and 專 of 動 of leg 腳 運 . The outspread 動 of frame-up 確 is made is 籃 ball bowler is deadly be short of 點. 遠 of 員 of 動 of 籃 ball 運 casts 時 to want to rely on the outspread 動 of 細 of essence of life to make 來 notch. Can the 員 of ball of tall 爾 husband that 夠 擊 gives 300 碼 遠 also benefit is made at the outspread 動 with his delicate 們 , the outspread 動 of frame-up 確 is made make 員 of ball of husband of tall 爾 of 業 of 許 much 職 cannot be on 綠 ground 擊 ball enters a hole.

In 動 of the 運 that protect 齡, bad outspread 動 is made prevented condition of 進 of 員 of 許 much ball. 雖 is made like that 業 of a 從 teachs 爲 練 with 員 pointing to 導 , I am very not 願 approves 評 to teach otherly 練 and of 員 pointing to 導 , but I still want 說, the main reason 來 that causes afore-mentioned 狀 況 differs oneself each 種 of 員 teaching 練 not 盡 the 見 of meaning pointing to 導 of 確 . By at 現 acting ball is provided and the 發 of lane 維 護 exhibits 趨 勢 , 動 of the 運 that protect 齡 already 經 changes 變 greatly. The data that the place of the ball that protect 齡 that 現 is in uses can 夠 makes 産 of ball 與 lane gives birth to bigger attrition. The ball provides 製 to make trade no longer thin 餅 of use “ of bureau be confined to (Pancake) 償 of 補 of 來 of ” accentuation 塊 and the weight that balance 鑽 ball to lose; Those grind 費 of bad news of 發 talent 們 10 萬 of 數 the weight 塊 of 雜 of 複 of 發 of 開 of dollar of about a hundred 萬 (Weight Block) , buy of 將 its 們 gives birth to the might outside 額 with 産 at the region of 關 鍵 區 of the ball. In addition, the 時 of ball of 鑽 of 鑽 aperture 師 that 經 過 earths up 訓 can 夠 makes accentuate 塊 the position at 適 當 , the function of root 據 ball, the mode of 動 of music 線 運 of the demand control ball of lane 狀 況 and 轉 turn 點.

簡 , 動 of the 運 that protect 齡 already 經 changes 變 completely. But, 絕 mostly the fundamental of 數 still 適 is used. However, outspread 動 is made in still put generally in 錯 誤 . 誤 of 這 個 錯 is: Stretch one's hand 夠 ceiling (Reach For The Ceiling) . 誤 of 這 個 錯 is the 來 below acting 傳 of ball of 從 model 膠 and 時 of 蟲 膠 Qi Dao, that 時 asks to provide invasive 釋 ball and outspread 動 to make more, be carried on force of 強 of requirement ball 員 and turn over 轉, 並 teachs 導 his 們 in outspread 動 夠 ceiling goes in making. The 強 force of that 時 star is like Harry Smith, dick Hoover, bill Lillard and Carmen Salvino those who use is 種 動 makes 這 , very successful also. But, generation of that 個 時 also has the ball 員 with 許 much big 偉 path of 離 經 betray, the outspread 動 of his 們 is made point to ball bottle outwards, for instance Don Carter, junie McMahon, billy Welu and Tom Hennessey is 這 樣 . But nowadays is use Active, the 時 that Reactive and Proactive ball provide is acting, outspread 動 is made point to celestial 對 確 plays a ball game 100 is kill and one beneficial of 無.
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