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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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In 現 era protects 齡 in, the person of 釋 ball 無 of Holman can be reached, the slow 動 of its 釋 ball is made, ever the 覺 of 電 腦 視 that 經 is taken the place of by 現 changes ability 術 to try to catch 並 to demonstrate. 動 makes his 釋 ball be like 閃 電 quickly, 幾 of ball 與 lane 嚴 絲 adds up to 縫, 難 making a person forgets. Much he gives 過 year ago one 個 teachs 學 帶 “Maximum Bowling” , concentration solves 釋 deep the basic 動 of 確 is made. Of Holman special 點 is his the 點 of ideal 釋 ball of ball of 釋 exceeding 級 and photograph 應 . Pete Weber 這 過 goes 20 years 來 無 but of 爭 議 most the 員 of the ball that protect 齡 with big 偉 , its 釋 ball is most male 淨 is agile. His 釋 ball sees a 來 none 費 勁 , 卻 has the power like explosion. The 釋 ball of 與 Holman one 樣 , his 釋 ball also is line of flowing 進 goal, any 聲 sound and 彈 did not jump.

The ball of 強 big 釋 of Holman and Weber is not the 額 that connect 過 outside or exert oneself to do sth. curtly of 來 實 現, the 達 of 時 間 poor 來 that connects 確 of 過 delicate 準 however arrives purpose. Ball of 這 種 釋 is described with Power Stroke 來 most just 當 . The ball 員 of ball of 釋 of means of use Power Stroke not 僅 僅 be confined to exceeds 級 star Weber and Holman, not tall person of person of 兩 of 過 his 們 one 籌, can make the 範 example of Power Stroke. Barnes, steelsmith, ward, richard Wolf and Danny Wiseman also 採 uses means of ball of 這 種 釋 , can make ball 産 gives birth to 難 making a person the 轉 coming back with believe.

Additional means of ball of 兩 種 釋 : Pure Stroker and Cranker. Pure Stroker ball 員 includes Aulby, bohn, criss, husted, duke, mazza, voss, pat Healey and Jeff Lizzi, the skill that his 們 sends according to 賴 Wu Jing and accurate 準 確 are spent. Cranker ball 員 is not the skill that relies on nicety, the force outside using 額 however and bring to bear on the 轉 動 of the artifice that 極 spends and finger makes ball 産 gives birth to more 轉 coming back. Sex of 確 of 準 of 員 of 這 類 ball is inferior to Stroker ball 員, the 産 of day 賦 來 that just uses his 們 gives birth to bigger bottle bag 區 , drop a ball namely to region of some 個 區 is not some 塊 board. If lane 狀 況 can be offerred bigger enter bag of horn, 從 and rise greatly completely medium 幾 rate, 種 of 這 of 則 his 們 hits law spy 別 effective. If lane 條 適 adds up to his 們 to compare 賽 , that Mo hits 敗 impossibly basically his 們 .

The famousest Cranker ball 員 in PBA has Couch, learn, shafer, dave D'Entremont, steve Hoskins, jason Hurd, rudy Kasimakis, brian Himmler, robert Smith and Lee Vanderhoef, among them only Couch expresses 現 to get below 況 of 狀 of each 種 lane very good, shafer is 應 of 適 of the closest talent only 條 of each 種 lane.

[Outspread 動 is made]
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