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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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Do not have the 並 of successful ball 員 that teachs 動 of the bend one's knees like division 書 to make to be not one person of Aulby. Justin Hromek, john Mazza, bob Learn, ryan Shafer, butch Soper, david Traber, jess Stayrook, guppy Troup and Wayne Webb in the income in 員 of 職 業 ball 還 not 錯, but the 動 of bend one's knees that his 們 did not have ideal is made. 這 some ball 員 divides Stayrook outside, figure photograph 對 較 is short, 這 is the 優 勢 of his 們 , can make his 們 can be in the positional 釋 ball with low 較 .

[釋 ball]

The 釋 ball with big 強 is in an attempt to of sleep of 夢 of place of all ball 員. Mostly the 賦 of 這 項 day that the ball 員 擁 with 數 big 偉 has sacred 給 to grant, but the 學 習 that 員 of a lot of balls is suffering of the 艱 that connect 過 and 獲 of 練 習 ability get. Ways of other 無 of ball 員 則 make the position of the 確 of hand buy Wu Zheng of his 們 , the 簡 單 that can rely on his 們 動 to make only and 達 of 來 of 確 of essence of life arrive purpose.

Using oak 膠 ball and polyester ball 時 period, 認 爲 is in on the ball 員 with good ball of the 釋 in 擺過 Cheng is very general. 這 種 is in go up to the ability 術 of ball of the 釋 in 擺過 Cheng is carried on 稱 “ again and turn over 轉 (Lift And Turn) ” , 術 of 這 種 ability goes in 過 並 not 認 爲 is 嚴 is short of 點 again, because of 為 the ball 並 of that 時 does not have the character with conspicuous ” of 彈 of 導 of 現 acting “ .

By what 組 is the 釋 ball with one 個 big 強 become? It is not 簡 單 drop a ball, it is 這 樣 one 種 ability: The ball just should reach good 處 ground buy at palmar after ministry, await it to arrive patiently the 釋 ball 點 of 確 , the position that holds a hand not 變 until most after momently, thumb 脫 離, finger is strong 轉 coming back makes hand of 離 of forehead of ball 從 palm (textual: It's The Ability To Place A Ball Well In The Back Of The Hand, have The Patience To Wait For The Proper Release Point, maintain The Hand Position To The Last Moment, exit The Thumb, and Drive The Ball Off The Front Part Of The Hand With Strong Finger Rotation) .

Does 這 have much 難? Those do not provide 對 the ball 員 of day 賦, ball of 釋 of 調wanting 協 and 釋 ball 點 may have 點 難. 這 some 動 makes synchronism of need twinkling 間, cannot in harmony can be 亂 彈 only. Although your 釋 ball is strong, but frame-up 確 of 釋 ball 點, also be fine long hair 無 uses 處 . I am in no less than of ideal 釋 ball 點 footwork is narrated in one 節 , the region of some 個 區 that is behind of ankle of the 腳 in 徑 of road issueing 擺. Ideal 釋 ball 動 makes 應 該 is 這 樣 : Thumb 脫 離, the weight 轉 of the ball moves to point to in one's hand, in ball of the biggest 釋 of 點 of lever effect 應 . 時 of thumb 脫 離, of 腳 of its 與 glissade be apart from 離 big 約 is 6 to 7 塊 board, 當 like that before the glissade 與 that premise is you one pace is in same standard position.
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