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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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1000 萬 are not promiscuous up pool (Hitting Up On The Ball) with outward 擊 ball (Hitting Out On The Ball) . Up pool is to be in Cheng of ball ascendant 過 釋 ball, ball with jumping the means 進 of 躍 enters lane. And 這 of outward 擊 ball is the 釋 of means 將 ball that projects in order to be down enters lane (Releasing The Ball In A Downward Trajectory) , [Annotate: Should understand here to be in the biggest lever effect is nodded up or outward commentate ball. (individual viewpoint, offer reference only) ] 這 種 means is current most the 標 誌 動 of the star Ryan Shafer of 熱 and PBA celebrity Dave Ferraro is made. The 釋 ball of Ferraro projects outwards be apart from 離 very 長, and the 則 is apart from 離 of Shafer is some shorter. The 動 of bend one's knees of 這 兩 person is made very 輕 did not have even.

[Bend one's knees]

Bend one's knees is 穩 decides one of demands with consistent 發 the mainest 揮 . Don Carter, 這 the 歷 of close 來 fair 認 history go up most one of 3 balls 員 with big 偉 , its success source the element at 極 of 許 much 積, bend one's knees is among them the most important one 項 . 這 what PBA celebrity uses is low crouch appearance, make music of 彎 of elbow of 個 擺arm, pull a pace to be aided, nose 幾 貼 writes a floor, most after ball 幾 it is gadarene push lane. On 實 際, what the 動 of Carter makes 與 fair 認 is basic constant 識 幾 completely contrary, have one 點 except only: Bend one's knees, it is Carter most the 動 force of 術 of ability of ball of 擊 of 確 of essence of life.

The bend one's knees of 確 of 關 Wu Zheng, in a few existence in teaching 練 one 種 誤 is solved. 調of much 強 of his 們 過 the music of genu ministry 彎 of glissade 時, very few essential even carelessly the bend one's knees of before its one pace, 這 is 錯 誤 ! The 3rd pace that 4 paces aid is whole 個 in be being aided most the one pace of 關 鍵 and the most intended 義! It is the catalytic 劑 that centre of gravity reduces 進 to enter glissade, 對 comes at ball of low angle 釋 關 is important. The 3rd pace 稱 makes energy 轉 walk (Power Step) , it is it pushs 進 of 動 body 體 to enter glissade, 並 makes body 體 獲 gets the seat that the 穩 with one 個 low 較 decides, prevent glissade to stop after of 時 body 體 to admire. The deep bend one's knees of the 3rd pace in if 4 paces are aided,going can be accomplished short and fast, 則 ball 員 is OK 體 of body of very easy 將 drops sitting position (Sitting Position) , because this effect is close friends more. If 長 of 較 of the 3rd pace, 則 會 prevents your “ to sit down (Take A Seat) ” , 礙 of barrier of buy of 設 of 給 your bend one's knees, 導 sends your 開 only then after of 體 of glissade after body is admired.

No matter be 過 goes,還 is 現 is in, deepness bend one's knees is the 標 誌 動 that a few 傑 of PBA give ball 員 is made, 這 some ball 員 includes Parker Bohn III, chris Barnes, jason Couch, tim Criss, norm Duke, dave Husted, david Ozio, amleto Monacelli, brian Voss, rick Steelsmith, pete Weber and Ricky Ward. Marshal Holman is mixed with its deepness bend one's knees low make the same score outward projectile 釋 ball, 獲 got 20 worlds 紀 most one of 20 balls 員 with big 偉 榮 譽. Mike Aulby 獲 gets 過 軍 of coronal of 26 個 PBA, it is the ball 員 that exclusive 獲 gets ABC Masters 3 times on 歷 history, also be PBA on 歷 history only part 軍 of coronal of thing of 5 項 main 賽 the ball 員 at a suit. His 動 makes imperfect also: Bend one's knees having 時 is not quite consistent. His likelihood that become 績 makes the importance 産 of person 對 bend one's knees gives birth to 懷 doubt, but, you want to know, he occasionally 爾 becomes 績 bad all the source walks in energy 轉 at him 時 genuflect falls centre of gravity breaks 敗 .
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