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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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What footwork points to is you those who aid 時 腳 pace move 動 mode. Helping law of walk with the ball is 構 is become 確 plays a ball game one of element that 動 makes, it is 節 achieve and 時 間 difference base 礎, it is the 關 鍵 of ball of 釋 of 確 of essence of life. The footwork 會 導 of frame-up 確 sends 過 early 擺arm or too the 擺arm of 遲.

Very unfortunate, 許 much 關 the 見 of meaning pointing to 導 at footwork is to be in the 資 訊 that 給 學 員 is 誤 of 錯 of 輸 of fill of 員 of tall 級 ball even: “ if your 腳 pace moves 動 did not have deflection, that Mo is on horizontal way (the direction with perpendicular direction of 進 of travel pointing to 與) , your left 腳 (glissade 腳 ) in aid 結 bundle with 開 only then Wu Tong of 處 of 時 應 該 one position (namely same standard position) ” . Those straight 線 are aided, aid the ball 員 that did not have deflection, if glissade 開 only then with 結 bundle 時 level position is same, that with respect to 錯! Glissade 結 bundle 時, you pour the 與 of positional 應 該 of your glissade 腳 數 the 2nd pace (5 paces of 對 are aided is the 4th pace, 4 paces of 對 aid 則 is the 3rd pace) in same standard position. Have 這 樣 only, arm of coxal ability 給 issues empty 間 of 擺讓 開 , make 擺arm 緊 relies on body 體, 並 prevents 飛 ancon, the defect of the torque arm in eliminating outspread 動 to make with 時 (textual: In This Manner, the Hips Will Be Cleared For The Descent Of The Armswing, keep The Swing In Close Conformity To The Body, prevent The Elbow From Flying Away, and Eliminate A Pull In The Follow-through) . 對 of 這 種 glissade forms the triangle that maintains body 體 balance is most of 關 鍵, if glissade is not forward,position of one pace level is stood by, the weight of 體 of body of that Mo right ministry adds the weight of the ball, make necessarily your overbalance, 結 fruit you fall right with respect to 會 , the ball is lost with respect to 會 the direction of 確 .

Those aid 對 to have the ball 員 of deflection, no matter you are left,slant 還 is right slant, glissade 時 also 應 該 採 uses 與 afore-mentioned same strategy: Slip forward the horizontal position of one pace. 該 of ideal 應 of footwork 節 achieve makes your glissade 腳 is before 釋 ball 達 of second of 0 點 幾 arrives before 線 making 規 , 這 can make you maintain body 體 穩 to decide, await a ball to answer 擺to arrive lowermost position, like that after is in ground of the biggest 實 of 堅 of 點 of lever effect 應 釋 ball.

Where is the biggest lever 點? Perpendicular shoulder of 該 of 應 of optimal lever position and 腳 ankle. It is easy that 從 這 個 carries 較 of clog photograph 對 locally, resistance is the least. And any positions before 腳 ankle, 則 會 has the 負 擔 outside 額 to fall outside lever 區 , 這 is caused by arm of 過 early 擺commonly, 會 導 sends 這 of —— of ball of the 釋 in the 過 Cheng that rises in the ball is the 動 that can tolerate least of all makes one of 錯 誤 .
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