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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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擺arm is to show pushball 動 makes after arm 達 go to the 擺動 of 釋 ball 點 進 means. 關 also has different 觀 點 in teaching 練 first-rate at 擺arm.

A few 擺arm way that teach 練 to push 薦 Outside-inside, namely pushball of deflection right 側 , like that after 擺returns the rear in body 體 (point to 員 of right hand ball) . 這 is 現 generation the means of 歡 of happy event of 員 of those 強 force ball, his 們 stands in lane normally most arm of 擺of 內 則 pushball. It is effective that means of arm of 這 種 擺compares the 時 of 較 幹 to await in the 側 outside lane, can make the ball enters bottle bag with the angle 進 of 適 當 , completely medium 幾 rate 較 is tall; But on the other hand, if use, is 現 acting Reactive ball, 則 is likely the 殘 bottle that 會 産 gives birth to 難 of a few 極 to look.

許 is much famouser teach 練 to choose 薦 “8 word (Figure-8) ” 擺arm, half 8 words are on 實 際. 幾 before New Year, arm of 8 words 擺compares 較 popularity in star ball 員, the after 擺of his 們 ball is straight, and the hand forms one 個 form of 8 words 圖. The arm of 8 words 擺that 現 acting 許 teachs 練 to push 薦 more is as follows: Pushball 時 is pushed to body 體 left 側 , force right rear of 體 of body of after 擺front, the arm shows half 個 擺of 8 words after arrives highest 點, like that the 擺below after straight 線 . The end that 這 樣 becomes is to make hand only then 終 內 lower part of Wu Qiu.

The Ned Day with 40 inchoate time of 20 worlds 紀 is arm of 8 words 擺only then one of person that make tomb figure, 這 close 爾 fertile base the star is one of ball 員 that 時 of his that 個 takes the place of to provide craftsmenship most: 動 is made flowing like 絲, balance perfect 無 to be short of. Day is OK the allusion 範 that 說 is 員 of ball of arm of 8 words 擺. The Don Johnson of 70 time is the frequenter of 賽 of 迴 of PBA make one's rounds. He also is arm of 8 words 擺, but have one 點 exception: His arm is not 動 of 8 words 擺, its 8 words are to connect 過 hand to form completely. The after 擺of Don is like arrow arrow continuously. Not 過 , his outspread 動 makes 與 average person not quite one 樣 , 這 stays wait for below make interpose 紹 again. The one 樣 of Johnson of 擺arm 與 of 60 time and the star Wayne Zahn with 70 inchoate time, not 過 is made in outspread 動 go up to also have poor 異 . 這 點 also 將 uprights again below 紹.

Whether 採 uses arm of 8 words 擺is 題 of 問 of 個 person be fond of completely, but, my 強 intense pushs 薦 straight 擺(Straight Armswing) . My 確 of one 點 讓 is believed not doubt, that is the 動 outside any 額 in Cheng of 擺arm 過 the new 調that makes inevitable 會 導 cause heart is whole. If before 擺of 側 of 內 of 體 of 擺從 body is not made to 動 of 時 of the 側 outside body 體 reach the designated position, 則 wants Mo 會 將 your body 體 is right drag, ball of 將 of 會 wanting Mo is pulled to 側 of body 體 內 , in order to maintain body 體 balance; If be,樣 need is the same as to 內 擺arm outside 從 new 調makes heart, deny 則 your ball runs to 1-2 with respect to 會 bottle bag goes.
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