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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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On the other hand, 採 of 員 of ball of PBA of 級 of 許 much 頂 used erecter station pose 勢 , 這 is like Mike Aulby in star of 級 of a few 頂 , parker Bohn III, chris Barnes, jason Couch, dave Husted, john Mazza, david Ozio, pete Weber, randy Pedersen, brian Voss and Walter Ray Williams Jr. Wait for 現 of the watch on the body to get blame 為 bright 顯 . Those who need 須 points out is, 這 some the free 擺arm that what the star uses is 長 長, and 則 of arm of 這 種 free 擺makes 産 be born by flowing pushball 動 .


Pushball is 確 plays a ball game most to 關 important ability 術 動 is made one of, its 與 stands an one 樣 , also can have 擇 of much 種 選. The ball 員 傾 that 許 much 採 uses half 勢 couchant appearance is made to the pushball 動 that makes type at use half control (Semi-controlled Pushaway) . The ——Duke of 員 of ball of the first 組 that mentions above me, wiseman, learn, the —— such as Baker uses the pushball of a bit forward lower part, control pushball 動 makes 並 part enter after 擺till 進.

從 is essential go up 來 說, the pushball 動 of one 個 ideal makes 應 該 is ego 驅 動 (Self-propelled) , namely 說, ball 應 該 is pushed up a bit, so that 産 gives birth to heavy master piece,use (The Ball Is Pushed Slightly Upward In Order To Create Gravitational Force) . 種 pushball 動 makes 這 be not done 過 at 誇 張 or too 過 exerts oneself to do sth. , grasp a ball to want 實 to be decided in 穩 , but pushball needs 須 is downy and delicate, sufficient 夠 makes the ball shows 進 of whereabouts of 圓 arc freedom to enter after 擺(Sufficiently Arced To Permit The Ball To Free-fall Into The Backswing) .

Voss is basic 動 of my 認 識 makes best ball 員, it is OK that his pushball 動 makes 範 of the allusion that make 噵 : Extend, delicate, not 費 force, heavy 復 is consistent. The pushball 動 of type of 範 of 這 種 allusion is made, make Voss becomes 為 the 動 on 歷 history is made most one of ball 員 with elegant 優 drifting 暢 .

The success of 難 of Aulby your person with believe is OK also 歸 result is made at 動 of his pushball exceeding 級 . But, his pushball 動 is made too 過 pushs 動 at 強 調gravity, down to at occasionally 爾 會 makes he aids the 傾 before 時 過 is early, 這 is one of blemish of 個 of his 極 little 幾 , not 過 這 also cannot prevent his 獲 to get 銜 of 頭 of 26 個 PBA, include among them all thing of 賽 of 級 of 5 項 頂 : PBA National (2) , touring Players Championship, BPAA U.S. Open, tournament Of Champions and ABC Masters (3) wait.

The 還 of 頂 級 star that other 擁 rational thinks to pushball 動 is made has Bohn, mazza, ozio, monacelli and Walter Ray Williams. Not 過 , also the PBA star with 幾 outstanding 個 does not use 動 of 這 種 pushball to make, be like Duke, pat Healey, the more ground such as Weber and Wiseman is pushed downward, 這 is the pushball that one 種 half control makes type, accordingly inevitable 導 sends the 擺arm 動 that dominates type partly to make.
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