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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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John Jowdy Is A Legend In Bowling. He Is Recognized Nationally And Internationally As An Author, speaker, and Top Coach Of The Pros. He Has Coached More Than 100 Pros, and Many Of The Bowlers He’s Worked With—including David Ozio, del Warren, randy Peterson, steve Hoskins, and Kent Wagner—won Their First Titles After Working With Him.

: He is the first 個 enter PBA celebrity hall in order to be not ball 員 identity (HALL OF FAME)

The case of ability 術 風 of 員 of every 個 ball differs somewhat, 這 is very normal, but no matter be why 種 風 case, want to succeed, it is become by 構 of a few identical main essential factor necessarily. The 7 個 main essential factor that the ability 術 動 that successful 獲 of 討 of explore of John Jowdy 將 must divide high makes. of 確 play a ball game the element that ability 術 contains 幾 個 獨 to stand, but want to notice, 雖 like that 這 some 獨 establishs element on the concept, but make in 實 際 動 in, his 們 緊 hands in 織 closely to be together, 構 becomes the with 諧 運 動 of achieve having 節 . 這 some main essential factor is: Tance of regret bluff ╯) , pushball (Pushaway) , 擺arm (Armswing) , footwork (Footwork) , bend one's knees (Kneebend) , hand with 釋 ball (Hand Position And Release) , and outspread 動 is made (Follow-through) . (narrate below all 員 of ball of 針 對 right hand, 員 of left hand ball needs 將 to control the 來 that turn over 過 to understand 運 to use)


Station did not have fixed die type formerly, but need 須 puts 鬆 , cannot have any 緊 張 feeling. Erect station of 歡 of happy event of some balls 員, and 則 of 員 of another some of ball more happy 歡 crouchs appearance 勢 partly. Want ball 員 覺 to get easy 適 to put 鬆 only, 這 some appearance 勢 not 嘗 cannot. Station yuan of main item 標 that wants 達 to arrive be: Ball 員 is aided in what receive next 來 in waiting for 動 to make, cannot have any bundle 縛 .

對 at the station, every 個 points to 導 員 or teach the 觀 點 of 練 員 may differ 樣 . And my 則 more happy 歡 erect station, because my 堅 believes 應 該 to use by humeral 開 only then free 擺arm, and erect station 與 crouchs a station partly photograph comparing, 擺arm is OK more free shed 暢 . 確 實 , erect station and crouch a station partly 無 of 並 of bad of what 優 what decides 論 . 員 of a few balls is like Norm Duke, danny Wiseman, bob Learn Jr. , tommy Baker, marshall Holman, steve Hoskins, what the 採 such as Amleto Monacelli and Rick Steelsmith uses is to issue couchant appearance 勢 a little, his 們 gained a success. Do not know whether coincidence, 這 some 對 of photograph of ball 員 figure 較 is short, his 們 has the day 賦 that puts 鬆 arm in Cheng of 過 issueing 擺. Afore-mentioned ball 員 are mixed except Steelsmith outside Monacelli, its 擺arm is half control type (Semi-controlled Armswing) .
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