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How to become a fine bowling hand
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The 養 of 選 hand becomes show of one 個 優 to divide into 3 個 階 roughly paragraph:

The first 階 paragraph: Basic 動 makes (the 養 of Solid Fundamental) becomes:
The basic skill of 紮 實 includes:
Shed 暢 aid (Smooth Delivery) ,
Good hand 腳 cooperates (Good Timing) ,
The 離 hand of 順 暢 (Clean Release) and
The natural 擺盪 like 鐘 擺(Free Swing) .

The 2nd 階 paragraph: Photograph 關 science and technology (the 認 of Science) knows:
Include: The 選 擇 that the ball provides (the 開 law of Arsenal Building) , ball (Drilling Layout) , reach lane sentence 讀 (the … such as Lane Reading) among them most the 項 eye that after has 關 lane to sentence 讀, the 職 業 of beautiful recently 國 and a few important 業 餘 compare 賽 採 uses what one 種 calls Sport Bowling Condition to go up oily means, photograph 當 is worth examine of my 們 觀 , the 業 of 職 of beautiful 國 woman that I saw one 場 compare 數 lowest today protects 齡 ball 賽 (Columbia300 Open) 145:1A 來 hits on the 41 lane that are oily on 這 種 means, photograph 當 cannot think of 議!

Most the 強 that Duan Cai of one 個 階 is psychological element 質 changes after (Mental Game) :
The 選 hand of 175 is comparing 為 of 數 of one 個 average branch the 勝 負 of 賽 時 50% take 決 at ability 術, 50% take 決 at the mood of 參 賽 時, but does the 選 hand of 200 minutes of above compare one 個 the 幾 of 勝 負 則 of 賽 be in completely is at the 穩 of 況 of 狀 of psychology of the 時 that compare 賽 be good at 與 denied? From this but 對 of 質 of 見 psychology element the importance of hand of 選 of 級 of a 頂 .

-----The Greater The Pressure, the More You Must Think Positive----
-----壓 force heals big, self-confidence heals much-----
這 裡 has the situation of 個 虛 擬, be if you are 當 ,a person is 擇 of 選 of that 麼 your 會 following 勝 of 獲 of that 種 means?
當 arrives all right than 賽 進 most after of one bureau most after one case 時, you are small 勝 對 hand one 個 Mark with 內 , this 時 your 對 hand go up first 場 擲 ball, is 則 following what do you expect fruit of that 個 結? A. I hope 對 hand breaks 誤 (Open Frame) , such I but 勝 of 輕 鬆 獲B. I hope he does not have 連 續 to fall completely (Double) , I should finish that 麼 only 該 case can 獲 勝C. I hope he hits marine 雞 (Strike Out) , I depend on 車 of 樣 ground 貼 again after all 來 擊 敗 he
If your answer is C,that 麼 congratulations the 對 of face of 來 of the force that fight 壓 that you have sufficient 夠 carries 戰 .
The ball 員 of 選 A, if 對 hand did not have 發 to be born,break 誤 , then he has hempen 煩 ! He expects so 對 hand breaks 誤 , it is completely by did not have at him finish most after the self-confidence of one case.

經 often fights 賽 in the one 對 of one 對 of 電 視 (some balls 員 sees play a ball game in the lane on 對 hand in Match Play) 時, ground of eye of low 頭 閉 not dare the 結 fruit of 視 該 case, its 實 這 is the most foolish not of 過 , 當 對 hand is hit pour 時 completely, your below one 個 pours the Copy of road 線 來 that so that 參 takes an examination of him,you must notice his all 舉 動 attentively completely, 擊 of 當 對 hand gives ability 術 ball (Split) 時, you just also can avoid 來 of 線 of that 條 road finishs 開 your below one ball, 說 of my 們 constant 聽 : Such-and-such 選 hand hits 氣 of ball 來 殺 dye-in-the-wood, one 個 not dare the 選 hand of fruit of 結 of 視 comparing 賽 , be the 氣 勢 that did not have hand of 對 of approach of 這 種 壓 !
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