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The basic ability law of curve
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The choice of 1. ball: Public ball basically hits straight ball for abecedarian and design, show aperture slants normally big and deep, span pointing to aperture slants small, of reason inconvenience curve carry pull. The ball that curve place uses, position pointing to aperture and span differ with public ball, must cooperate individual hand form. The professional division that get a ball can suit your hand form, maintain the consistency of feel for you, this has very great help to controlling a ball truly definitely.
When 2. begins etude ball, pay attention to exercise controlling a ball above all. Notice every time placement and ball mark, keep consistent as far as possible, master the opportunity that gives a ball, perception that shifts pulling force to spend thereby; Mastering holding, dribble, put a ball, after essentials and accurate and coherent movement, repass adjusts a station, aim at a dot to wait, adjust the athletic line of the ball a standard position. At this moment, completely medium rate standoff cent has naturally bigger rise.

Music " ball ":

The angle of oily 線 與 of road of 1. basic ball
Ball of 齡 of 關 Wu Bao is basic 10:3 of 為 of oily 線 angle0, 12:00, 1:30 direction, use the 況 of 狀 of lane of 選 hand 與 at each 樣 type, the 開 of 選 hand only then stand the position, make the 傾 bevel that ball 釋 puts spends be basic ball road to think, 這 some thinking is the 組 that 準 確 spends closes, the sex drifting 暢 that 動 of better control 與 makes perfect 預 測.
The weight 區 of 2. ball

The allocation of 2. weight 區 PS. The allocation of weight 區 the road 線 with the high straight ground of oily 線 of 會 shadow 響 , the 鉤 music of the acceleration that 這 ball turns over 應 radical to need to control a ball on average at 選 hand itself and ball, so 轉 folds curvature to should not be in 5 塊 board above. Male 0 balances of lane = or TOP WEIGHT are heavy, 0 balance or finger weighs right 邊 to weigh 組 of 這 of ﹝ front ﹞to add up to 將 to carry a ball at cannot 滾 動 , but can 產 gives birth to the biggest 鉤 music 與 to defeat 壞 . Bottom of medium lane = is weighed or 0 balances, thumb is weighed or 0 balances, right 邊 is heavy. If before 這 lane paragraph oil is much, before 擔 protects 適 當 paragraph, early 點 has 捲 music turn over 應 . Oily lane = bottom is heavy, thumb is heavy, right 邊 is heavy. In 這 狀 況, the 輕 with the earliest need of 這 選 hand is small music of the 捲 that turn over 應 . 3 weight 構 builds 這 將 產 gives birth to the earliest likelihood that turn over 應 .
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