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The basic ability law of curve
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After hitting linear ball to reach certain level, can practice hitting screwball. Screwball not only ball road has aesthetic feeling more, and cut bottle bag with older point of view as a result of the ball, make completely medium the opportunity increases greatly. Although was not attacked completely medium, what also can reduce bottle big minutes to appear is likely.


Screwball can be divided for ditty ball and big curve, both the radian of the force that depends on an artifice respectively and ball. When hitting ditty ball, artifice lock is decided. Can deserve to wear wrist support, want to swing neatly through the artifice, gift the radian with bigger ball.

The athletic line of curve is edge lane direction carries right point-blank commonly mark of the 2nd arrow (press lane speed and adjust) , after the ball enters lane paragraph 3 minutes of areas do not have oil of 1 begin to rotate, produce older point of view,

Cut 1, between 3 bottle, rise greatly completely medium opportunity.

The skill method of curve and straight ball is different. When hitting linear ball, of the ball swinging is the way that the edge writes lane, when putting a ball, clock of big toe front at 12 o'clock direction, and middle finger and ring finger are in clock at 6 o'clock direction. That is to say, when putting a ball, middle finger and ring finger carry the direction of rotation that pull and causes a ball up, with the ball swing (perhaps saying is

Skill direction) it is consistent. Accordingly, the ball is slipping this one direction is written to roll with respect to the edge after growing oily area, walk out of linear. And when hitting curve, in the ball the second half of forward lap paragraph, the artifice rotates to inside, clock of front of the big toe when skill direction rotated at 10 o'clock, and middle finger and ring finger face are in at 4 o'clock direction (this is to right hand player character. If be left hand player, big toe to clock at 2 o'clock, middle finger, ring finger to at 8 o'clock) . Apparent, the big toe when skill and forefinger are shown (V) form. Carry pull make ball happening side direction rotates. This kind of sidespin makes the ball slides not only the meeting after oily area rolls along the curve (this namely the origin of name of “ screwball ” ) , also make a ball right of ball bottle bump provide power more.

The exercise of curve wants a place:

One: When holding a ball, middle finger and ring finger insert the chroma that points to aperture to be a knuckle (best can deploy special ball, general and public ball does not suit to hit screwball) 2: When holding swings, the artifice does not bend (can use protect age special wrist support strengthens wrist ministry to prop up)
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