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Bowls 4 conditions are fundamental run-up
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Want a deft golf “ bang of ” to be hit, also need to have good opportunity, be bowling what is more,the rather that! On lane, should control weight to be protected dye-in-the-woodly age impartial ground hits ball bottle, hit even fall completely, be technology of be particular about. Play a ball game the basiccest, also be the most important it is run-up. Basically, run-up from time to tome the action that quadruplet hands or feet coordinates, this is the 4 paces run-up that everybody knows. But, are you to understand 4 paces approach really? Does the movement accord with a standard?

One) warm-up

The body is right write a target, double foot and approach;
Elbow tightens close-fitting system, ball and shoulder sit down into one horizontal double genu 10 - 15 centimeters, body nature is forward bend;
Maintain the body to make an appointment with 15 degrees to pitch.
2) the first pace - roll out right hand right leg (left hand player: ? of bed swollen Qu is rolled out at the same time, the horizontal distance of ball and crural dirt is made an appointment with 10 - 15 centimeters.

3) the 2nd pace - swing downward:

Note: Shoulder wants to poise.

4) the 3rd pace - swing backward: form 90 degrees with the body.

5) the 4th pace - swing ahead:

6) the movement that finish:  Wang vases Zhi Jiao of bed of ㄗ of ox of Qu of Shan Xi  protects  of ┳ of river cure ox to stop the Gong Zhuang that  abb?5 spends, the right hand (left hand player: Left hand) upgrade is pulled.

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