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Bowling shoe
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(why cannot play bowling in order to wear leather shoes and sneaker? The public shoe floor of ball house also is done with the skin, and the bottom useful also balata of special shoe does. )

The answer is very simple, the leather shoes that we are wearing, sneaker can take sand to run-up area, influence glissade, wear away run-up area.

The floor of public shoe is done with the skin commonly, suit the ball hand dress with abecedarian or not high demand. Two gym shoes of public shoe are same, not was aimed at on the design left, right the different glissade need of the ball friend that serve, so glissade and go no further called a discount. Some people asperse French chalk to solve this problem to be unexpectedly on run-up area first when may conduce glissade, but can detect before long before glissade comparing more not free is suitable. The reason is glissade can produce high temperature, bring send French chalk to become hard bead, stick together sole; Or the player is surmounted foul when the line, the oil that gets on lane brings back a seat, the oil of sole is mixed again French chalk or dirt are sticky together, affect glissade thereby. Have more very person it is French chalk already was caused to run-up area wear away permanently. The ball house that knows the way that maintain so is met taboo French chalk. Be worth what carry is international bowling association (FIQ) forbidden any article are used to help glissade on the run-up area in the match.

So, what advantage does special shoe have? The bottom of special shoe has a skin to do, also balata is done, its characteristic is advanced sole part add a fiber, in order to cooperate the different need of the player that left, right hand serves: Right hand player with left foot glissade, fiber bottom puts on the shoe of left foot: Left hand player with right leg glissade, fiber bottom is put on the shoe of right leg. High-grade special shoe can change more sole, cooperate the glissade need of different level.

The ball that often play a ball game and takes part in the match is friendly, understand the advantage of special shoe and importance. Although special shoe price does not poor, they also are happy to buy. Bin Shiyu to be aimed at the demand of Chinese market, rolled out a series of price reasonable, and can change the special shoe of sole - district (ZONE) , in order to satisfy the requirement of domestic ball friend.

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