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How much does bowling bottle know?
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General bowling is confused say light pound bowling of bottle proportion pound easy and knockdown, do you feel right?

In fact, of ball bottle knockdown have nothing to do with the weight of ball bottle, you can be knockdown bottle of how many ball is to depend on bowls enters bag of dot angle, the space of the place of centre of gravity that wants ball bottle only and bottom is same, hitting flat rate is same.

Because the weight of ball bottle has,write strict regulation, the ball bottle that Bin Shiyu produces passes strict calibrating entirely. Above all, bottle of ball of guest person region is to choose the maple of north of the North American to make. The maple of north of the North American suffers freezing weather effect, grow speed relatively of the south slow, woodiness density is the highest, so soliddest. Divide anthology makings is excellent outside, bin Shiyu has strict control to ball bottle weight. Although ball bottle is stemmed from same a tree, weight also can have not, because maple is different the woodiness density of place is differ, weight is differ, so, adjusting weight is must. Bin Shiyu can undertake calibrating through computer, too light ball is met by eliminate, overweight meeting is dug to go the wood of much Yu, break bully bottle when us so, can discover every ball bottle can have different hollow, this, I think everybody does not have had thought.

Alleged bottle of light pound ball, weigh 3 pounds 6 ounce are the following, bottle of heavy pound ball weighs 3 pounds 6 ounce above. World bowling association (FIQ) the ball jar that stipulates all matches are used must be 3 pounds 6 ounce or above, use light pound bottle, match achievement won't obtain international to admit. So, ball house should run the match that reachs FIQ level, must choose and buy 3 pounds the ball bottle of 6 ounce or above. Qiuping.gif (39125 byte)

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