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How to choose appropriate bowling
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(labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement) , the public ball in ball house is not from beginning to end set for you, cooperate your need completely hard. If you play a ball game every weeks 2 times to come 3 times, I suggest you deploy your ball, because use the ball that does not cooperate finger for long, not only the improvement of technology of be a hindrance to, and the can easier finger that do an injury. In addition, if your present average branch already was achieved 125 - 145 minutes, you must deploy a special ball, in order to promote a ball skill, break through straight ball, enjoy the hurrah that curve pours completely.

Buy a ball to want watchful matter

Desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement, want to had been hit protect age, must have a ball that belongs to oneself, because everybody is congenital the measurement of the hand is different, you can control an appropriate ball easily it, be controlled by ball place conversely. Can you make a beautiful report how so? So you want to play good bowling, must consider the following factors above all:
You think 1. hit ball way (screwball, straight ball, UFO ball) because of road of ball of avery kind of, with the centre of gravity of the ball the choice has very big concern. Different centre of gravity and centre of gravity and position, can affect the power of the ball, the price of team is so different also.
2. the ball that you play a ball game fast fast with slow: That? chooses Xian Miao of type of Mou of tall of palpitate of key of Qiong swiftly brighting tip conversely the ball is qualitative harder ball. The ball is qualitative soft ball, it is oak fat ball commonly (URETHANE) and rebound colophony ball (REATIVE RESIN) , the exterior stoma of this kind of ball is more, can make ball and lane produce bigger friction, bring about a ball to be able to be in oily area decelerate, do not have the effect that oily area accelerates again. The ball is qualitative hard ball, it is horniness colophony commonly, exterior stoma is lesser, apply to drier lane, also suit a ball fast rude person is used, this kind of ball is quickened slow, on prevailing prices cheaper.
3. your height and weight: Word Chang ≡ sleeves horsefly is troubled by Qi Ken accumulate  of neon of Lu an ancient nationality in China is planted  shakes team of  bright? to throw; ball easily too gently in disorder too heavy, the artifice does not support, exert all one's strength catch a ball, the arm becomes inflexible, force cannot erupt centrally.
4. your budget: Phase of exercise of fine? of nest of Zou of collect of horsefly of Quan  Sui can consider cheaper exercise ball (800-1200 or so yuan. May consider two handball (400- - 1000 yuan of) , there is a ball in two handball, these balls are to be able to encounter what cannot beg a little. The friend with closer purse should consider to be compared more more, listen to others to give your opinion more.
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