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The maintenance that bowling provides
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Ball bag uses outfit ball, cent plants haply of bag of generally speaking ball, one kind holds a ball, one kind holds two balls, former shoe and ball are held one case, notice shoe wants to be put in first please, the ball is put in again, and the sole of shoe wants gadarene, avoid the exterior friction sole and ball, space of this kind of bag is limited, and shoe and ball do not have segregation, influential to the life of the ball. Hold the ball bag of two balls for the most part, can have an interlining, one puts a ball one puts a shoe. Play a ball game after coming back, take wet dress and towel, open ball bag a little again not sealed, this appearance won't be influential to the flexibility of the ball.

2, shoe

Shoe keeps dry, french chalk is not wiped before playing a ball game with sole, want to wipe sole with towel however, such too won't slippery.

3, ball towel

The ball towel of ball house mostly very coarse, if you hit UFO that just as well, but hit curve like you, had better use from already ball towel. Still have, ball towel is the oil that uses the remains on efface ball, cannot desperately brush. After hitting a ball, the ball towel that uses oneself wraps good shot, put the ball goal bag again, the appearance that avoids a ball and ball bag grind.

4, ball

When 1. hits curve, ball of every dozens of 80 bureaus is about to be cast again afresh, avoid to suck soil fertility abate, had better use 300 degrees sand paper. This is in the light of the ball of RESIN character, if be other material,pledge need not. If be the ball of POLY, before hitting, put into the machine that wash a ball to wash.

The ball of 2.RESIN sucks dirty stuff very easily, if you have,had cast, that is dirty thing. Had better not use oil kind thing, because oily meeting makes,the ball loses flexibility slowly. If you look for less than maintaining fluid, OK also bathe, never use washing powder, clear water can.

French chalk must not be wiped when 3. plays a ball game, because any is sucked very easily,go up in the ball, if the hand is too damp, wipe hand or ball with towel, it is good to be blown again.

4. ball by machine scratch it is very common, without the influence.

5. hits a ball to wipe the ball first close again.

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