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Bowls detects
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One, bowls constructs basically and classify

Bowling is to use not metallic composite material is made, there is a density in the interior of the ball very and more serious matter calls ” of “ ball core or ” of “ centre of gravity. Form main component to be 2 parts ball and 3 parts ball, 2 parts ball is mixed by core outer protect wood to form; 3 parts ball is mixed by block of core, heft outer protect wood to form. Its material has bowling character balata, plastic, get together amine fat, active gets together amine fat 4 kinds.

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Bowling is special ball, public ball by utility cent; Divide the ball that counts for different pound by weight; Wait a moment for screwball, linear ball by function cent, the account that produces these change basically is formed, current ball heart structure has about a hundred to plant, can say bowling is full of beautiful things in eyes, much appearance colorful, and breed is updated ceaselessly. Although bowling has some of difference, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes namely the diameter of the ball must keep consistent, and should accord with formulary level.

2, bowls norms

Understand and mastering bowls norms is to be engaged in lover of bowling major personage, bowling place need is hep with control knowledge, the general knowledge with the athlete that enters bowling race especially and necessary place of bowling bore technician.

1, material:

Eligible bowling should not contain metallic composite material to be made, accord with the requirement of the following weight, dimension, balance.

Weight and dimension:

Bowling weight must not exceed 16 pounds, circumferential must not be more than 27 inches, and the diameter of the ball must constant and changeless.

The surface of the ball besides the opening that is used at catching a ball, number that identifies earmark, ball and the small breach that cause accidentally because of packing, should be not put in any forms cave or groovy channel.

(1) , must not exceed 5 in order to catch a ball for the aperture of the purpose;

(2) , balance aperture 1, the diameter must not exceed 1-1/4 inch;

(3) , steam vent pointing to aperture must not exceed 5, the diameter must not exceed 1/4 inch;

(4) , a diameter must not exceed examination aperture 5/8 inch, deepness does not exceed 1/8 inch;

(5) , the static state accords with formulary level evenly;

(6) , taboo abrasive changes bowls face among the match;

2, evenly:

The bore on bowls interior structure and ball satisfies the requirement of 6 proper balances.

Bowls must maintain evenly inside following tolerance limits:

(1) 10 pounds (contain) the ball of above:
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