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The dress that bowling moves reachs other things
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Bowling shoe is the important equipment that the athlete makes good success, have general shoe and shoe of yin and yang commonly two kinds.
General shoe controls crural sole to be made with leather, right hand player and left hand player all can be used.
Left sole of player of right hand of shoe of yin and yang uses leather, right sole uses balata, right sole pointed ministry has a leather, in order to ensure the stability of run-up and glissade; In hand player contrary. Shoe of yin and yang is the tailor that use a line entirely.
Bowling major athlete and professional ball hand have special shoe.
The dress style of bowling athlete is very much, but a the mainest demand is comfortable and comfortable, cannot too close. Comfortable purpose depends on making the movement freelies, facilitating put to good use, of course also cannot too corpulent. Average male player wears athletic trousers and the T-shirt unlined upper garment with soft texture aptly; Female player wears short sleeve unlined upper garment and short skirt aptly.
Bowling is a kind of decorous motion, no matter be,train at ordinary times or formal match is forbidden wear vest and shorts, but also need not wear business suit to making tie; Lest disperse,the player does not take jewelry normally attention. The female player of long hair wants will long hair bundle good lest keep out line of sight, the influence drops a ball.
The sort of wrist support and style are very much, the purpose depends on protection and fixed artifice. Because cast an artifice to the motion of the ministry is measured and bear,this is above all power is very great, long training or match, get hurt likely below fatigue circumstance; Because technique is used in cast process,be next very exquisite, little behavioral change makes the ball produces completely different result possibly. So, be secured with wrist support and protect an artifice to appear very important, wrist support is the good helper that gains tall cent.
The player is returned should the glue of different type sticks stock, so that be opposite of the ball show aperture is made repair and adjust necessarily, point to to be affixed when Kong Song, when tightening, uncover.
The pink suction tide, powder, necessary things that sticking pink, French chalk to wait also is every player. Because in cast process the hand perspires, sweat hand is gone against grasp ball, cast and give a ball. To carry hand department dry, be brushed with dry towel except need or blow in blast tuyere nature outside working, also can go up in finger according to particular case the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that uses the different type that has had.

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