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The conserve of bowling lane, go up oily
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1. lane conserve, go up oily purpose

(1) cleared dirt. Bilge. Clean lane.

(2) protects lane. Prolong service life.

(3) is helpful for a player be being developed normally.

2. lane is tectonic

Current, uses bowling method basically has two kinds: Horsefly of Shan of bald mill of basket of bureau soul horsefly?

Ligneous lane: ?9-42 piece batten is mosaic, at present common lane is 39 batten are made mostly. The case that gets power partly each as a result of lane at the same time is different, because this lane is,with two kinds of hardness different lumber is made. Before aiding footpath and lane 20 feet reach the buy bottle area of lane, it is make by adamant maple, it can bear what the bowling with 16 heavy pounds arises in its surface place is close every square inch the uninterrupted concussion of 1800 pounds, offer a player to answer in the place when run-up even at the same time some flexibility. And of lane mid it is deal is made, its grain is better, can make the ball produces better rotational result in its surface.

Synthesize lane: Through layer pressing plate of high pressure, ply is 1/2 inch, fu three-layer transparency pledges on, in order to make sure lane has very good smoothness, the advantage such as the grain reason that at the same time it has very strong beat back sex and nonexistent wood. 3. The covering layer of lane

The action of covering layer: It is to use two kinds of paint of intensity discretion to prevent a ball to erode those who reach lane oil to permeate to lane to the concussion of lane and humidity.

(1) priming paint one soft and rich flexibility, it is the ground floor covering layer that wood. The characteristic is right wooden path has very big adherent sex, the bound is right outside can absorbing much the vibration of the wallop of lane and lane itself.

(It is better that hardness of 2) superstratum Qi Yi fights abrasiveness higher, can prevent oily osmosis, and can provide proper attrition power.

Covering layer puts the issue that be in: After occurrence indentation of A, lane, want all dirt inside clean indentation limits and lane oil. The burnish after proper time makes the same score all indentation. When occurrence oil of B, lane is permeated, lane forehead wants new burnish, paint. When occurrence crack of C, lane, want to note glue in crack place. So, court administrator is wanting to protect good lane at ordinary times, prolong the service life of lane.

Of 4. lane remove dust reach conserve

(1) ball channel, cover board mixes of lane board remove dust:

Tool: Ball channel mop two, dustbin, big towel or cloth a certain number of piece.
A. Cover board mixes of lane board sweep: One aspect of the matter of line of accessary criminal compasses begins to come area of the channel that put a ball, cover board and lane board wipe up. Can stand on lane, put a mop on lane, another mop is put on the half of a side cover board.
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