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Asian bowler for the country is the top students in Sichuan entry and work ha
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In the Chinese delegation to the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese bowling team is a true "grassroots" team, all 11 athletes are amateurs master. Which is still from Chengdu, Zhang Yijia Department of Polymer Materials, Sichuan University in graduate school. At the current Asian Games, Zhang Yijia and teammates won the men's 3 race fourth. Although missed the medals, but he told reporters, will continue bowling, ready the next game. Bowling master is Sichuan is also the top student Zhang Yijia is a native of Chengdu, 14-year-old came into contact with bowling. "At first, only the name of play, mended fall short interest." He told the Chengdu Business Daily reporters that he initially thought bowling fun, but did not think even playing better, getting hard to find opponents among the same age, and later even Many adults become his fall by the wayside. Later, he also specifically thanks to Bowling Master Zhang Ye for the division. In addition to playing a good bowling alley, Zhang Yijia academic performance is also very good. College entrance examination, examination of the 594 points he was admitted Sichuan. "This can not score points Oh, bowling no athlete rating system, so there is not any thing of getting bonus points." Zhang Yijia smiled and told reporters. Finished 4 years undergraduate, Zhang Yijia was recommended for admission to honors graduate. Bring this experience, he is still too embarrassed, "More than 300 people in our department, walked only 20 places, I was more than a dozen former department, it successfully read the graduate walks." Although became a graduate student, but did not give up bowling Zhang Yijia meaning. "I was speaking specifically with the teacher, I love bowling, it could be delayed a number of studies. Instructor is very good, agree with me to arrange your time to continue bowling." In 2007, 21, and Master Zhang Ye Zhang Yijia match in Chengdu bowling game to get better, causing the attention of national team coach. Soon after, he was elected to the Chinese team participated in the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championships and World Youth Bowling Championships and Asian Games last year, the national training team was selected. In the national team experience, so that the level of Zhang Yijia bowling leaps and bounds, "first entered the national team, I carry a 180 average, one council, a larger share. Participated in the national team training since last year, only 220 rose to an average of one council, multisection." Most students did not know he took part in Asian Games China, the Guangzhou Asian Games bowling team, composed entirely of amateur players, players from all walks of life: a bowling alley employee, bowling alley owners, students do not pay ... ... the national team, only 600 yuan a month of training grants. 24-year-old Zhang Yijia is the youngest male team members, we all like to call him, "Allison." At the Games, this lively and outgoing Graduate students, not only the Chinese team's players like him, members of other delegations also became good friends with him. But Zhang Yijia told reporters that he was in school actually quite low-key and introverted, "except for a few roommates, most of my classmates do not know an athlete, but did not know I had to attend the Asian Games." In the eyes of students, Zhang Yijia love going to the library is a top student, he did not know love at a bowling alley in the bubble. "In Sichuan, I usually used 3 to 4 times a week to play bowling, of course, is not the kind of specialized training, simply because the like. In addition, I also like playing table tennis, badminton and soccer. It should be said, in addition to reading, I love is the greatest sport. "Zhang Yijia said. He was wearing only a thin pair of large glasses, it looks like a top athlete, a reporter expressed this view, the Allison laughed, "Oh, so the students can not tell an athlete ah." He also initiative broke the news, "Actually, I also have weaknesses, ah, my English is not good, this is me the most headaches. 6 that I had failed many times before, the last finished only a thin 10 minutes, Oh, what a shame ... ... " With the work will adhere to the play The Guangzhou Asian Games, on behalf of the Chinese team missed participating Zhang Yijia and medals, the best performance is in the men's 3 race fourth. Although medals missed, but Zhang Yijia or confidence in the future, "I think I was still young, have a chance to make a breakthrough. For bowling, I did not come 'soy sauce', I will stick to it." Preparation for the Games, Zhang Yijia began in November last year, the national team training camp, had to be suspended graduate study. Now, have returned to Chengdu, Zhang Yijia is busy writing his thesis. September of this year, Zhang Yijia the students have started looking for work, and he because training and competition, to attend to these. "Now we have laid down the basic classmates what unit to go, and I do not know that they will go. But I do not worry, sure can find." Said the topic of employment, Zhang Yijia already has his own plan, "I want to go to big companies, do not want to continue to a PhD." If you work, I am afraid the national team after the race is not so easy, right? The questions for Zhang Yijia gum tree, "time to say it, anyway, I will not give up the sport bowling alley, there will stick to it after work."