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Living Situation of China poorest mortgage Bowling sports teams behind the cha
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Bowling ● China's bowling team, scored four in the Guangzhou Asian Games bronze medal success, namely women's double, women's trio event, the women's individual all-around competition and the men's individual tournament. ● To prepare for the Guangzhou Asian Games, three years, the Chinese men and women bowling team has 11 players in the two divorced, leaving six people, three down the business at hand. ● the past two years, in order to save training costs, China has bowling team was removed in Beijing, Harbin, Kunming, Yancheng city the size of training camp. Everyone has a sad past The afternoon of November 24, Tianhe bowling alley. Yet to take off the national team uniforms on the bench as teammates DU Jian Zhang Yuhong super fuel, which is the Guangzhou Asian Games bowling team, the last event --- Men's Classic twenty-three final. And Zhang Yuhong play the game because of the morning the poor woman did not qualify for the final twenty-three Classic final. However, this does not prevent her the Guangzhou Asian Games bowling team, the best performance of Chinese players: the women had two-person teams, three women's individual all-around game and match, Zhang Yuhong has won three bronze medals for the Chinese team, the end of the Chinese team projects in the Asian Games Bowling unlicensed history. "Really excited, which is engaged in the sport for generations of people dream of it." Zhang Yuhong, said four years ago, she also participated in the Doha Asian Games, took a fourth, and medals pass It became her return to the national team after four years of the most important driving force. But the excitement over, 35-year-old Zhang Yuhong also had to face the question: Tonight, the bowling all over the dissolution of the national team in place, she will immediately be played from a representative of the Asian Games, Guo Zihao national players, turn into an unemployed person. "Chant to find work, the same way four years ago." Zhang Yuhong speaking lightly, but it comes to family, Zhang Yuhong not so easily: "Now to think back home to see the child, three years have not seen a few times." "What her husband do?" "Away from. Which her husband can put his wife quit their jobs to bowling, three home ah vain." During the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, the most red bowling team, should be 49-year-old rice Zhong-li. Chinese delegation in the Asian Games as the oldest athlete, went to many media reports an interview with him: 9 years ago, fell in love with ten-pin bowling ball fanatic, quit his job, sold the family silver, and his wife divorced, learning curve ball at their own expense to Korean technology, and then to rely on playing the national championship, competition venues and people to earn money or even gambling living, the end of the Games, he will return to this in order to keep the ball in the life of the ball ... ... But Zhang Yuhong Ye Hao, M. Li Zhong, neither the special case of the whole of China bowling team. Cui red with the words of team leader: everyone in the team's story, she said that it would burst into tears --- Zhang Peng 37-year-old man in Liaoning, opened in his hometown has its own bowling alley. The national team in 2007 began to prepare for the Asian Games. Arena did not say business has plummeted, personal life, "from the fight to the Cold War, and finally disintegrated." After the Asian Games in his game, Peng on the bench, with 10 words summed up the great family life for three years shock, then tears. Jiang Wei Before joining the national team is a Beijing design company, senior white-collar workers, in order to participate in the Asian Games, quit the job. "I hope the company can go back to the original me." Xu Lan Doha Asian Games, also participated in the "veteran." But because his right middle finger has been significantly deformed, the team has been reluctant to move her into the team training until August this year, only an invitation to her. She quit the original work in the clothing store resolutely into the team, now also will join the ranks of the unemployed. Pan Hongyue Guangzhou authentic. 2003,2004 when entered on the National Team, but because they feel "played no future ah, even his own life is not guaranteed." So my sister went to Hainan to do business with, a full two years without touching the ball. But in 2008, still can not let go of the bowling care, the team called up, to abandon the business, again back to the team. ... ... High consumption, low input In order to participate in these Games than once had to make great changes in the lives of their teammates, Tu and Yang Suiling should be this super team of two people in the best of luck. Yang Suiling the name, the bowling industry in China, considered to be fairly loud. The four will be the girl from Guangdong, in 2005 world championships in Denmark, won the women's tournament champion! But also because it is bowling, she was the world champion, only in the Bowling industry and her work in Foshan now a minor celebrity. Foshan local government arranged for her "safety production supervision, Foshan City Management Association," a public office, and the Asian Games but also let her pay to participate in training and competitions. "If the unit let them go, I am sure can not come." Yangsui Ling said, "After all, would like to find a stable job that is not easy." The ultra-Tu Chien from Guangxi, and won the bronze medal men's tournament, which is the Chinese team in Bowling Men's Asian Games medals so far the only on. The same in his hometown has its own bowling alley to open Tu Chien-chao, for the Asian Games, also put down the business. "But fortunately my wife support me, quit her job to help me take care of the arena. I would call every day to ask after the end of the training situation, remote control about, so that 600 dollars is not enough my phone bill." 600, is the Chinese during the Asian Games bowling team was referred to one of the largest reported number. Cui red more than once in an interview stressed the bowling team, players have three years to just 600 per month subsidy. China's bowling team, and therefore known as the Chinese delegation to the Asian Games, "the poorest of the sports teams." In fact, there is a misunderstanding. As a national sports center ball three ministers, Cui said the red, like sepak takraw, billiards, etc. These non-Olympic projects, all of the training team, led all 600 monthly subsidy. And Bowling are poor, or because the project itself more features. "Sepak takraw dozens of pieces of a ball, a pair of badminton shoes, badminton can be sent away a train. Training input is very small. Ah, but not the same bowling alley." Cui Hong said, "It's the movement itself is the high consumption, space, equipment , require a large investment in training, and now the national allocation of money, far from enough. " Cui Minister and leader of the red may be called, but more often is like a bowling team, the housekeeper and nanny, careful planning with the team every expenditure: a fairway oil is ten dollars the next time a ball over a thousand, rent a wherever he goes, one-hour training 200, 6 hours a day ... ... rent, transportation, meals should be limited funding from the spending, "sometimes really a headache, from the training hall rent somewhere to live near it, the rent is very expensive; Rent far away, transportation costs will increase ... ... " Cui red, then it is easy to confuse: Why should the national team's training arena rental housing rental? But this is like a bowling alley projects such non-Olympic status. "Olympic items generally have their own training base, room and board do not have to spend money, that is so, the Austrian entry per person per day of training standards for non-Olympic projects than we are much higher. And our bowling team, 130 per person per day block, and all expenses must be in this standard where. Do not say that in Beijing, and now a city in China, where casual, very difficult to survive ah. "Cui Hong said. So just that since 2008 more than two years, China's bowling team in Beijing, Harbin, Kunming, Yancheng city prepare for large and small, had five or six. "Where the conditions to provide the cheapest and most provincial funding, we'll go where, like guerrilla warfare." Team Panhong Yue said. For example go to Kunming, is because "where there was a training base, one empty arena, and even room and board with a play, each day we received only 120, so we go there for some time training." Panhong Yue said. To meet the basic training has given the team is satisfied, conditions or methods of training one step further, Cui Hong said she would have been unthinkable. "Foreign people training, such as those developed countries in Southeast Asia, there are certainly fixed AMF Brunswick fairway or fairway, the game in what they train in which the fairway; each fairway may be equipped with six or seven high-speed cameras, a ball out, your action, ball, the line can be detailed records, and a software analysis. and these, we have not. our training, but also completely millet plus rifles remain in the stage, completely on their own coach come experience and pondering. "Cui Hong said, as the question whether the thought of your teacher, Cui Hong is saying that" a teacher, a monthly salary of at least two or three million dollars, my players are not even eat and drink, where I come to extra money Please teacher ah?! " Tough training conditions of domestic, overseas competition is not much better. "South Korea, Malaysia, the athletes competing abroad, everyone is a few balls with ten or twenty, it was the number of overweight ah? We not afford the excess baggage charge, so the flying saucer with four players generally let the ball, the ball to arc six. but even so, I sometimes come over. no way, and some members of their own to pay the excess to pay, and some girls to hold one or two balls on the plane. "Cui Hong said," but to the game, we The ball does not fit with the site, but no room for selection, can only make do with, so the game has not yet begun, before the equipment has been lost on others. " In addition, Cui said the red favorite story, because overseas competition limited budget, in order to more out of the game, "Every time we go abroad three or four people are crowded room, the team leader coach Han, are called ground floor. And team members are particularly thoughtful and often is eaten in the hotel buffet breakfast, noon meal to eat it, and other training or competition over eat dinner. " A clear conscience does not mean to do it again Training and competition in such conditions, to achieve good results, difficulties can be imagined. Therefore, four Asian Games bronze medal, China's bowling team has been so proud of everyone and to meet, each athlete will say in an interview that the sentence is: "I've tried, I have a clear conscience." A clear conscience does not mean you can do it again. Doha 2006 Asian Games Bowling Competition participated in the Chinese men's team, this time no one in Guangzhou, the game. Women's team only Ashland, Zhang Yuhong, and Yang Suiling three dynasties "veterans." "National team to play the Asian Games, has a wish can be considered, next time, it should not come again." Peng told reporters, as to why: "really want to pay too much. Now just want to go back , Arena re-do a good job, a good bar to continue your life. " Players will no longer go back, Cui red completely understandable. "Our male members are basically three or four years old, it is time to support the family, took a long time TV drama is unlikely to block 600 per month living allowance; female members of twenty-six or seven, are also the getting married I also really embarrassed then they called back. " So every cycle of the Asian Games, just train a group of players forming a little, the Asian Games is over, immediately drain out. This is not only the players themselves for huge losses for the country's financial, too, is. Although the state of this project is limited, but only to prepare for the Asian Games, for example, according to Cui red books: Pull the end of 2007 team, men and women of the ten players, plus coach a total of about 25 people. Cost of training was 100 million per year, funding for overseas competitions around 40 million per year, plus 20 million per year subsidy for the national competition, more than 50 million annual investment in equipment costs --- is also more than 200 million three years to close to 800 million. With the dissolution of this group of athletes pursuing their own place, which is equivalent to 800 million wasted half. Asian Games next cycle, but also need a 800 million all over again. ■ Sound Next (Asian Games), I certainly do not come. Older, and also the reality that more consideration for life. Find a stable job, the married, can not always consumed in it. To be less than the last, in addition to playing, no nothing, the future, how life? Bowling can not earn a living ah. --- Ashland. 25-year-old Ashland, 15-year-old practice selected by the Zhuhai Sports School Bowling, considered the Chinese team in a small number of formal technical education, but 10 years Bowling career, to the Ashland Memorial left the most important is to have a serious distortion of the right middle finger and ring finger. Sometimes, watching all the people kept hitting really quite depressed. But no way, ah, how can the conditions we usually practice curveball ah. --- Yang Suiling. In the arc the ball has become the trend of international competitions, the Chinese Bowling players, especially female players, more or had to slightly behind the ball flying saucer technology and strong rivals. Bowling hit a certain level, that is, the movement of a wise man. I often ask myself, we and the Koreans, Malaysians ratio, where the difference in the end? We are 1.3 billion people, why do so many projects can take title to the project can not rise to the highest point of the flag? --- Zhang Peng. In the interview, Zhang Peng tears several times, in an interview last sent a such a question. But not so much a question as it is lamented, because the answer to this question, including his own, including many people actually know. Press Notes Not poor but not difficult to be recognized The Games, in addition to interviews with bowling, sepak takraw, dance and other non-Olympic sports programs, I am also responsible interviewed UFO game. UFO field the first day to check out the location and saw a man in China uniforms, coaches look like people, talk to him, he said he only doctor with the team for several years, but I asked a lot of technical, he said that is not understanding. "I just like the charge of the health of athletes." Deep feeling good at the time. Because the arena before the vines and 30-year-old veteran Wang spent chatting, she said she hurt his team on New Year's Day into the thigh. "It was good of despair, because there is no doctor and can only hope the injury get better by itself, or have to go home." Bowling team is the same situation, Cui red love to emphasize: "My players have not even room and board, where I also support any kind of doctor?" So every day the training finished, the players are basically mutual massage, but since all not professional, so each person's neck, knees, fingers all hurt. Non-Olympic projects and the difference between the Olympics, from a small doctor who can already be seen. Bowling While it is not very widespread in China's mass base, but better than ordinary people can not match the UFO movement. Expensive investment, strict gun ban is impossible to UFO popularity in China, but in those few sports that athletes, at least do not have to worry about life or the future. The future of these bowlers have not so far from optimistic. They have to go back and face bleak business, or broken families. "Like the girls, looking for a good job is not easy, many people may return to the arena that is working it." Cui red so her hands these Guo Zihao predict the future of female players. "Our leader is sometimes like a bum, full sponsorship. Because sometimes we do not even no money to buy workout clothes, people ask the Minister Cui: do not give money, give us a few pieces of clothing it!" Cui red about her team eyes wet, leader of the team members also talk about choking. The four bronze medals achieved in the Asian Games, China's bowling team can change this miserable situation it? "Difficult to fundamentally change." Cui Red outspoken, like whether she was talking about the Olympics Bowling as possible, "even if I vote, I will not vote. Because of the sport too much under the control of business . " For a non-Olympic projects, or even from the Games, or even disappearance of the items on the Provincial Sports, who to pay it in the widely promoted among young people? Because there is no mass base, the Asian Games team selection for the period stretched each time: two years of the Pan Hongyue not touched the ball came to be elected, because he will hit curve ball; fingers badly twisted Ashland before the Asian Games three months or be recruited into the national team, because it could not pick a more suitable person ... ... Each team member in the case of South Korea when it comes filled with envy. "They began to promote Bowling from primary, secondary and play well if the bowling alley, there will be a plus. If you took the results in international competitions, there will be a variety of bonuses, has been sent to death so far." Panhong Yue said "So they are a set of small to large training system is perfect, out of the players also have to play up to three to five years of running, so the game experience and understanding level, are not we can compare." Bowling current level of South Korea has the world can be considered, the Asian Games, they won 12 gold medals in the eight. Why is this country so great importance to bowling? During the Asian Games I have been curious to ask a Korean coach, the coach simply replied: "Because only in Seoul, we have over 1 million registered members bowling." And, I had asked South Korea UFO team's situation, most of their players from the army, by the way the military equipment to facilitate the exercise saucer, the Asian Games, South Korea in the gold medal in this project no one recognized. Interview during the Asian Games bowling team in China, most times the atmosphere is heavy, and the most heavy moment, is the one who nearly 1.8 meters northeast of several Peng guy chatting with me choked to be the hardest. "Many people said we were poor, but money is really not the biggest problem." Peng said, "This year, I have stood in terms of national flag is raised podium, but I really feel that in our flag At that moment, that seems small compared to the others, this feeling is the most painful. " This is not identity, is perhaps the deepest heart of China bowlers pain. "My favorite player is Deng Yaping. When I represent the national team, after that hit all the pleasure, the kind of total devotion to the feeling of the game, I think, and Deng Yaping on the court, and any other items athletes, should be the same, right? " But the same can be only a brief moment of pleasure on the track, and entered the stadium need to experience before, or even loss of pay, more important, or can get out of the stadium after, the name Ye Hao Li Ye Hao, non-Olympic projects and the Olympics, only bowling alley, at least in China, there will still be different.