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Bowling 11 elite training camp in China for several months targeting the Asian
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Bowling is an exotic, English name is bowling, also known as ground ball, a ball hitting the bottle in the wooden lane indoor sports. Interestingly, the Chinese translation of the very image of the sport, this is indeed a healthy body ages, the movement remains young. Historians, the origin may be traced back to Bowling 5200 BC, ancient Egypt, where people found a similar modern marble bowling balls and bottles. 13th century, 20101012827.html "target =" _blank "class =" infotextkey "> German church popular with a" skittle ball "game, to test the degree of followers of religious beliefs, this is the true origin of modern bowling . Today, bowling has become a fashion in modern society movement, popular in Europe, America, Oceania and some Asian countries and regions. 4 had the best record in the first In 1954, the first international competition Bowling Helsinki, Finland. 1988 Olympic Games, bowling as performances. 1978 Bangkok Asian Games Bowling 8th the first time an official event. Contest by drawing lots pass and pitching sequence. Competition, placing the terminal in the fairway into a triangle of 10 pins, race foul line in the pitching rotation after the impact pins; 10 for the Board; After several innings, according to the number of pins knocked down in the calculation of scores, scores more than the winner. The eighties and nineties, if you want to ask the most popular fashion Guangzhou sport, I am afraid many people would say is bowling. At that time, bowling was as an elegant sport, popular in the country. In 1994, the completion of Tianhe bowling alley, there have been held in China International Open Bowling Championships, ESPN Asian Bowling Tour Bowling competition at home and abroad. Arena facilities, good service, fairways standards, by the State Sports General Administration of ball sports center leaders, foreign guests and players at home. Venues have a complete set of management system and system is currently the most standard, most golfers welcome bowling alley. November of this year, the Guangzhou Asian Games Bowling Competition will be held in this, we can say, Guangzhou Bowling ushered in the second spring. Doha 2006 Asian Games, the Chinese team sent 5 men and 5 women participated in a total of 10 players bowling competition, the results of a 4th harvest, one step away from the impact of medals. 24 years, the Chinese team has already participated in the 6th Asian Games, the best results are obtained the first four, only one layer of medals from the windows of their paper. The highest level of Asian Bowling In fact, as a non-Olympic projects, bowling in Asia to find the most suitable for the development of the soil. Currently, Southeast Asia, South Asia, many countries and regions have attached great importance to bowling. Bowling in the 2009 U.S. Women's World Championships, the Asian player victory, in addition to an individual gold medal, taking all the other gold. It is no exaggeration to say that the level of the Asian Bowling Bowling has represented the highest level of the world. Bowling, like South Korea and Malaysia, women's team, with a world-class standards; the Korean men's team competition in the world, there are also a good record. In 2007, the establishment of new China, bowling team, the players were very hard, is to have gains in the Asian Games in Guangzhou. General Administration of Sport Management Center Small ball sports minister Cui three red, said after a long period of training, the team has found a suitable physical characteristics of the Chinese training methods, our rapid progress, see the Asian Games the hope of a medal. In addition to training the right way, the Chinese team is also timely to participate in international competition, teams continue to hone and improve the combat level. Held in August this year, man World Championships in Germany, China Team, 5th harvest personal achievement, creating the best World Series performance; while women's team's level has increased dramatically, with a challenge to the strength of the Asian teams . It is reported that, in order to prepare for the Guangzhou Asian Games bowling team have been carried out in China several months of training, will participate in the final 11 players selected, including 5 men and 6 women. China's Asian Games in Guangzhou, bowling team, the goal is to lock the medals, and strive to gold.