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"The cup that keep watch " saline city match of the 5th youth bowlin
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch to celebrate “ 5 · 4 ” youth day, culture of amateur of farther rich youth lives, those who drive body building of our city the whole people begin, move by council of city of salt of the Youth League and saline city bowling association is sponsorred jointly, guild of saline city insurance assist saline “ keeps town of salt of inspect cup ” match of bowling of the 5th youth was in on May 11 saline city salt mounds guesthouse bowling the house rings down the curtain. The range that this the match signs up is wide, have come from 27 units, many 280 player signs up played this second game, play the game have the cadre, student, worker society that comes from all trades and professions the delegate of young generation. Among them the age is 40 the biggest years old, the age is the smallest have 12 years old only, race site already nervous and intense, lively, reflect the health of young generation and vigor adequately. This the match sets sheet of individual of male group, woman party, man, woman individual, men and women the bureau is highest distribute an item. Through two days of intense contend, ended satisfactorily in the morning on May 11. Salt mounds city of guesthouse, salt generates electricity limited company cent catchs group of male and female the first; Cent of Li Peibin, Li Mei catchs individual of male and female the first; Cent of Li Peibin, Li Mei obtains odd bureau of male and female highest cent. Prize-giving celebration is chaired by hall of He Le of vice secretary of round municipal Party committee, country of Chen Wei of secretary of leading Party group of vice director of city National People's Congress, federation of trade unions, guo Jian of chairman of association of motion of bowling of vice director of former city National People's Congress, city is unripe, lichang of minister of ministry of battle of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, all sees, the leader such as Qi Congfeng of vice secretary of round municipal Party committee awarded certificate and prize for unit of bear the palm and individual. Carry this game, make more person understanding are protected age, participate in protect age, support is protected age; Carry this game, our young friend showed skill in playing a ball game, compare notes ball ability, revealed us adequately the elegant demeanour of youth of contemporary salt city; Carry the game, our young friend is cheerful body and mind, exercised the body, exert a favorable influence sentiment; Carry the game, promotional also between the unit, the understanding between the player and friendship, the match achieved expectant goal, obtained consummation. In the meantime, carry the game, also let us move to the bowling of saline city the career was full of confidence, righter the young generation of saline city, future to saline city was full of confidence. (Paul)

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