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Celebrate " 38 " saline city couplet friendship surpasses the 5th fa
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch is congratulatory “ 38 ” International Working Women's Day 98 years, bring a family into play adequately to play the initiative of sports activity, build harmony up domestic atmosphere, the “ agriculture natural resources that in March 7-9 day held by a definite date 3 days jointly develops saline city the Women's Federation and association of motion of saline city bowling friendship of couplet of family of the 5th bowling surpasses city of cup ” salt. This second match shares more than 100 families, more than 200 team member sign up attend, those who play the game have husband and wife, parent child, a variety of combination such as mother and daughter, father and son, father daughter, brother, sister, sisters-in-law, 3 home. Among them the age is many 60 the biggest years old, the age is the smallest have 12 years old only, race site already nervous and intense, lively, be full of harmonious, healthy, solidarity up atmosphere. Pass intense contend of 3 days, final Guo Jian 2 people of unripe, Yuan Bujuan's husband and wife go all out in work tenaciously, develop a tight encirclement with everybody two bureaus in all achievement of 828 minutes wins championship; Chen Jianxiang, Shen Jing's husband and wife, xie Shoumin, Xie Jian east father and son, cent is obtained 2, 3. Yuan Bujuan still obtained woman odd bureau highest cent award, man odd bureau is highest cent award is obtained by bowling veteran Tan Lixin. This the match abounded the sports culture of broad masses to live, enhanced the communication between masses, of the body building of the whole people that promoted an our city begin, this builds society of harmony of harmonious family, creation to have important sense to compose; In addition, the match makes more person understanding are protected age, participate in protect age, support is protected age, gained ground to also have positive effect with promotion for what the bowling of the our city moves.

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