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Elite of world bowling rank surpasses Cai Dezhu to ascend a Zu Maci
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Afterwards those who pass 7 months is father dies, low last year in November after confusing, bead eventually strong rebounded. She was in yesterday woman group decisive battle with 2 than 1 try hard to defeat Venezuela player Kailunmakaluo, become the player that Malaysia ranks elite contest the first times to gain the championship in the world. She is in semifinals with 2 than 0 wash out Finnish player Kelisidabola can. Although Zumacilan fails to fulfil mission of champion of of reinforced material for Malaysia, but also hold a runner-up in both hands in male group match. 31 years old bead the father that the decision sends her to already died champion, also be the most important proponent in her bowling career. bead say in more foreign phone: My father meets “ feel proud for me certainly, if if he is returned today,be in. This victory gives him. “Acquire 10 thousand dollar (20 thousand 3 1000 220 your auspicious) of bonus bead pick up condition to feel happy again for oneself, she says: I do not have “ originally come here. I did not take a qualification, but because much name is selected person quit game, so I just am obtained take part in the match. ”Only the male, female player of before sports season was ranked with America area in Asia, Europe 2007 8, promotion this match, bead rank the 9th. The Malaysia player that the individual wins to surpass champion in match of grade of another alive kingdom is Xie Meilan, she is in carried off woman individual surpasses gold in Danish world tounament 2005. Zucimalan's runner-up also is the optimal military successes in Malaysia male player, only Hong Zhenzhi and Lin Daozhuang rush into semifinals before this. Zumacilan is in finals with 1 than 2 negative Finnic Guliladiya. Xie Desheng says: “ this is Malaysia bowling the team is historic a day. We have two people to rush into finals, this is normally by Europe and America player all bully. “ is very unfortunate is Zumacilan fails to obtain champion of of reinforced material for us. But at present till, this is us the optimal military successes this year. ”Semifinal of male group   : Guliladiya (fragrance) get the better of Shamikangsiteli (fragrance) 2 compare than 0(190 171, 180 than 172) ; Zumacilan (horse) get the better of Ruianlailisang (Indonesian) 2 compare than 1(158 224, 214 than 205, 232 than 181)   final: Guliladiya gets the better of Zumacilan 2 compare than 1(248 191, 171 than 179, 212 than semifinal of   of group of 185)   woman: Cai Dezhu (horse) get the better of Kelisidabola can (fragrance) 2 compare than 0(204 200, 237 than 205) ; Kailunmakaluo (appoint) get the better of Zajialuowa (pull) 2 compare than 1(202 191, 125 than 201, 199 than 173)   final: Cai Dezhu gets the better of Kailunmakaluo 2 compare than 1(181 186, 200 than 160, 220 than 201)

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