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About Beijing 2 outside recruit outstanding retire the athlete is av
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  About Beijing institute of the 2nd foreign language is recruited outstanding retire the athlete dismisses the case that tries enter a school Each concern an unit: Concern a provision according to the country, 2008 the 2nd foreign language of Beijing the institute will continue to face the whole nation to recruit 26 outstanding retire athlete, avoid try entering this school English is English major undergraduate course (sports direction) study. Current, this school still has partial quota of people signing up, intended person please fast on March 21 before center of manpower of total bureau of sports of material deliver country. In the meantime, economy of the English of institute of Dalian foreign language, French, international and commerce, travel managed 2008, external Chinese, news learns, the major of 11 undergraduate course such as Chinese character literature will face the whole nation to avoid try recruit outstanding retire athlete. Fine athlete avoids the main condition that tries enter a school to have: Ceng Huo gets the countrywide year such as contest of the national games and countrywide tounament, national champion before top level match 3; Before cup of tounament of Asia Game, Asia, Asia 6; Before tounament of the Olympic Games, world, world cup 8 name or obtain a ball kind title of master sportsman of campaign of class of international of project of etc of class of Wu Ying of project of master sportsman of master sportsman of collective project motion, motion of project of track and field, wushu; Have high school record of formal schooling or the same educational level; Have certain English base. Outstanding retire the athlete is avoided via recommending try enter college study, it is the important step of national care athlete, solve an athlete to retire the important channel that find a place for. Hope each unit retires from the care athlete difficulty, drive an athlete to retire the angle that find a place for sets out, transmit this information in time to athletic group, relevant section to reach retire him athlete, encourage those who accord with a condition to retire the athlete is read to the college. To assure education result, institute of the 2nd foreign language will be opposite Beijing the athlete of enter a school is alone grouping into classes, offer the English preparatory class of half an year to the athlete before formal enter a school. The country is right of enter a school outstanding retire the athlete also has policy of corresponding fellowship, stipend, in order to guarantees athlete go to school. According to statistic, come from 2004 between 2007, avoid only try enter Beijing what 4 institution of higher learing learn Normal University of institute of institute of the 2nd foreign language, foreign language of university of central finance and economics, Dalian, Nanjing is outstanding retire the athlete has 157, covered a variety of motion items. About retiring the policy of athlete go to school reachs pertinent information, announce in the column that already reached website of center of manpower of sports total bureau to go up in website of national sports total bureau, intended person can head for inquiry. Connect a section: Address of   of department of information of talent of center of manpower of national sports total bureau: Beijing esteems article area gymnasium road 5 postcodes: 100763   contact: Phone of   of Zhang Xinfang: 010-87183970 fax: 010-87183097   website: Network address of   of net of Chinese sports talent: Www.tyrc.gov.cn   cases hereby accuse. Resource of manpower of national sports total bureau develops central   2 О О 8 years on March 5
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