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One student forefinger extends the stage not to unplug into bowling
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In electric “ curiosity felt new network on April 7 dead cat ” this word is exaggerative not at all really. A high school austral the stage is unripe play a ball game disturbed cent, extend index finger into bowls thumb aperture, did not think of to get stuck to unplug accordingly do not come out. Recumbent later fireman dispatchs circular electric saw, curium again dig again under, the finger that just allows this student smoothly is taken off tired. According to Taiwan Dongsen press, on the sickbed of emergency call room, appear actually circle electric saw. This can not be amputation operation. A high school gives birth to dozen of bowling, hole of finger card goal unplugs do not come out. The doctor disables with lube perfusion, just employ destroy a tool. Cure protects personnel 7 hands 8 feet curium again dig again, spot dust flies poplar, big fee be scared just gives birth to bowling forcedly unripe incision. “ of unripe Fang Mou of this high school is universal fly the inspiration of brushstroke ” , but let him,suffer sufficient. Fang Mou's classmate says: “ bowling is hit long later, there can be crack inside it, forefinger is extended than fine finger go in, firm good finger is curved, card is in articulatory here. ”Fang Mou says, oneself are curious, just do so to invent new ball way. His “ points to divine result ” , as expected resounding spherule house. Everybody thinks consistently, this legend is even more marvelous than the record of highest cent inside ball house, the person lets really inside short time hard dismiss from one's mind.

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