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Cold current of market of experience of motion of bowling of city of
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With nowadays times suffer the masses to chase after the photograph of masses sports body building such as the badminton that hold in both hands, billiards to compare, temporarily bowling motion encounters Ceng Gong pole however market cold current. On April 1, tian Wei of house —— Yinchuan protects the professional bowling with the biggest Ningxia age the center will stop to do business. This means Yinchuan and even Ningxia to will do not have a professional bowling house. Going up century the later period in 90 time, bowling moves times accept masses favour, ball house explodes full. But after be the rage, like countrywide other area, the bowling motion scene of Yinchuan is absent, bowling house closes down in succession, only Tian Wei is being propped up hard all the time, what be as long as 10 years even is long, and on April 1, tian Wei also must attack by surprise rises in former days brilliant, exit the market cloudily. Be the rage cannot maintain abiding development momentum in market agitation however, make a person thoughtful. Development of our newspaper reporter is interviewed, search the account of backside. Bowling motion is brilliant temporarily     on March 12, protect in Tian Wei age marked place paste of the center is worn close down annunciate. Plan originally on March 1 close down, but the increase that blocks a member to hold, postpone stop business of a month. The reporter sees, the member that consumption comes to before people playing a ball game in field, the form throwing a ball that perhaps is here becomes calm case their memory. Bowling motion was 1995 around enters Yinchuan, invest bowling of a diminutive house 10 thousand yuan at least about a hundred, and a large bowling house needs to go up ten million yuan, although investment is large, but the footstep that did not hold off investor, because rich and generous profit is the motivation of investor. “ remembers 95 years, one bureau ball is hit in gold period of time, highest collect fees achieve 60 yuan. ” triumphant amount to club of fitness of big public house to be in charge of Bai Yan to say, bowling is regarded as ” of motion of noble of ” of decorous motion of a kind of “ , “ in masses heart at that time. Bowls vogue, suffer the masses to chase after hold in both hands, a few years short reach period of at the height of power and splendour, yinchuan is mutual and of all kinds at that time bowling house 9, lane 108, house of ball of course of study of its technical secondary school 4, 78 lane. “ in those days, bowling too fire, had never heard of have what coupon, hit the what that lose check, with respect to this bowling the house often explodes on the weekend full. ” is fond of bowling to move Mr Zhou of 10 one's remaining years remembers clearly up to now in those days what bowling achieves is brilliant. “ did not enter Yinchuan in bowling before, everybody just also has seen in the TV of Hong Kong and Taiwan, those have person of the identity, posted to talk about a thing, a lot of like to be in bowling house. Bowling house rises in Yinchuan, attracted a lot of in high-end crowd, hit bowling to be considered as ’ of sport of gentleman of a kind of ‘ , of a kind of identity indicative, still a few people also borrow dozen of bowls name to undertake business public relations. ”Predestined relationship of ” of “ gentleman sport why transitory   with vogue fresh and achieve brilliant temporarily bowling moves, also because fresh and vogue is transitory. Tian Wei is protected age of central work ministry plum the director says, because fashionable element grows quickly,bowling market is rise, but because fashionable element glides,also be, because a lot of people had played bowling, bowling moves so no longer so mysterious, vogue. Vogue passed, new interest did not have, begin from 2002, the bowling of Yinchuan city begins downhill, bowling house closes down in succession close. Besides fashionable element, equipment issue and price war also are to cause bowling market downhill main factor. Secretary-general of Ningxia bowling association, Tian Wei is protected age Yan Mofu says central general manager, the device that the bowling house of Yinchuan city uses is the equipment of Korea Dacos, 2002 Korea Dacos company announces to go bankrupt, maintenance is a very big question. And equipment ageing, breakdown brings about a client often to cannot set his mind at to play a ball game, a lot of clients also abandon bowling gradually this motion. In addition, a few bowling houses review a guest to pull, also made price war, because the house receives this bowling,one closes down. Yan Mofu says: “10 year, tian Wei's equipment also ageing is serious, now a lane 3389, if change, delimit a bit do not come, decide so on April 1 close down. ”Taxation is exorbitant also be a reason that nots allow to ignore. Yan Mofu says, just began bowling to be located be high-grade entertainment industry, by 20% impose business tax, till 2006, tax rate just is adjusted for 5% . And the investment of 24 lane is as high as Tian Wei on ten million, at ordinary times lane, ball provides maintain, safeguard, wait for charge plus cost of personnel salary, charge of electricity, tax, a month needs ten yuan of ability to protect this management, bowling fire when still can bear, at present embarrassed heavy burden. Bowling became cold table tennis heated up   and bowling campaign appearance to compare, table tennis is in Yinchuan and even Ningxia ” of fire of special however “ . Mr Wu Guo of 30 years old is a sports confusing, besides like Yao Ming, Liu Xiang outside star of these sports of big shop sign, he is fourth to Chinese billiards prodigy Jun Hui admires so that extremely admire, because Wu Guo is fan of a stage more, idle will do not have a thing, total meeting makes an appointment with ” of ability of stage of “ of superior friendly compare notes. Latter, a few high street that Wu Guo discovers Yinchuan appear suddenly a lot of luxurious billiards rooms. Whenever on the weekend in the evening, wu Guo wants early run to billiards room, because go having a ball late to be able to be hit, billiards room often is to explode full. 800 million spatio-temporal ping-pong meet Yinchuan city “ the general manager Ceng Qingdong of a ” has the same feeling greatly also, regard a billiards as the operator of course of study, his feeling arrives from 2004 now, the table tennis course of study of Yinchuan is in an ascendant posture apparently. The “ billiards that appears to instantly Yinchuan heats up ” , ceng Qingdong is attributed to this upsurge the horizontal sky of Ding Junhui of table tennis prodigy is born. Ceng Qingdong says, table tennis itself is body building of a masses, and having certain masses base. In last few years, the numerous look good as result of recieving praise of each match intermediate frequency that overcomes in Si Nuo as Ding Junhui, and repeatedly behead is obtained, drove lover of large quantities of one old little billiards, table tennis revives in people heart again. In the past, the parent is not to allow the child to hit billiard, thinking to play table tennis is a kind of not attend to one's proper works or duties. Now, ceng Qingdong saw with one's own eyes is witnessed, the parent is taking the child to play a ball game, those who make his memory the deepest is, a child of 8 years old, height just passed table tennis proposal, the parent is being gotten come practice a ball game. As we have learned, the billiards room of the dimensions on Yinchuan city has many 30. To yield the forward progress with the table tennis normal and steady industry of Ningxia, ningxia a few annals are considering establishing Ningxia billiards association in the personage of table tennis course of study. To table tennis, bowling, instantly heats up one cold phenomenon, chief analysis thinks related department of estate of sports of Ningxia sports bureau, what table tennis moves is fervent, have very big concern with Ding Junhui's success, regard place of a masses as the sport that like, of star set an example oriented action cannot be underestimated. And bowling motion is in of Yinchuan by fill and decline, make a person regretful.

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