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"Advance China cup " bowling contest holds old age 70 years old He H
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Bowling contest was in the old age of ” of cup of “ Jin Hua that report from our correspondent aims to drive me to save body building of the whole people to develop on Feburary 29 the house holds bowling of distinguished personages of provincial capital star, he Haitao of 70 years old gains the championship the biggest news that makes match field go up. This second match attracted 20 much people to attend, the age is 72 the biggest years old, 50 the smallest years old, represented me to save the top level of this project age group. The match always divides calm victory or defeat by 6 bureaus, acquire male group the 2 players to 6 are mixed for mountain of high and steep, Wei Zhong, Zhang Anhua, how to found a state, Yang Hongxing; Before woman group is obtained 3 player is Zhao Yan red, Wang Jin, Ji Guilin.

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