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Yang Suiling: Hope record of formal schooling of undergraduate course
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Picture by suffer the person that visit to offer

True gold is not afraid that the tooth is bitten.

Champion of the first world is in Chinese bowls Fosan, this perhaps does not know even person of great majority Fosan. She is Yang Suiling of 26 years old. Practice a ball game of 17 years old of discontinue one's studying, in Danish world bright and beautiful contest gains the championship 23 years old, the girl of this great minds mature slowly works at the same time now, train at the same time prepare for war, still signed up for this regular professional training with Fosan big report. Her desire has 3: 2010 the Asia Game takes medal, one's deceased father on officeholder, look for a boy friend, hobby, career, love wants.

Dozen labour of summer vacation time and ball become attached to

Yang Suiling of 26 years old is without the frame of world champion, also without concealing anything him character works the one's previous experience of younger sister. Her parents is a farmer formerly, work to Fosan from 4 meetings later. 1999 tall one summer vacation, yang Suiling also comes to Fosan a bowling house works help filling housekeeping money. Ball house asks all clerks must be met dozen of bowling. When Yang Suiling touchs a ball for the first time, know nothing about, the ball boiled to go in hole. But she indulges at this point however, “ feels very exciting, do not know ” of victory or defeat to the last moment. Summer vacation ends, yang Suiling planned to leave school. “ on one hand family financial situation is bad, want to reduce parental burden, had done not have idea to read on the other hand, want to play a ball game every day only. Then she returned ” again bowling house.

Be made fun of to call “ cold blood by the coach”Compare at other bowling athlete, yang Suiling belongs to “ big ” gens, but her training is assiduous, ascensive amazingly quick. “ coach once josh, saying I do not know is cold-blooded, when playing a ball game because of me, do not talk to also do not laugh, very earnest. Idea of ” her essence is taking an examination of the angle of dribble and strength, everything cannot make her abstracted. Ability practice a ball game two months, she took part in the match on behalf of ball house. Rose 2003, she is almost annual it is national champion.

Claim early, composed Yang Suiling mentions his athletic profession, mention lightly, mentioning pain also is a smile. Prepared for war 2006 inferior when carry, because train a quantity to cause knee gore greatly, she falls up to now the defect of next similar rheumatism, prickle to knee of weather of overcast and rainy. And world bright and beautiful surpasses the Denmark 2005, she also takes an injury to gain the championship.

The adhesive plaster that ties goods aids her to gain the championship

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