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Athlete of education of proposal of commissioner of the Chinese Peop
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On March 6, gan Lianfang of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference referred a problem to be " the proposal that is not education of athlete of star of Olympic Games project and award about be opposite " draft resolution. Award of state of this proposal proposal is not athlete of star of Olympic Games project, establish be not group of abstruse project nation, education is not abstruse project young player. And Professor Huang Yaling of Beijing sports university thinks, the thinking that this draft resolution still did not break away from ” of system of “ the whole nation is inertial. Be not abstruse project country to change? Gan Lianfang goes out in draft resolution middle finger: Olympic Games champion can get thick substance is rewarded, the star athlete of project of Olympic Games of and rather than is being paid likewise, after the same win honour for that it is a country, what did not get the country gives however is due take seriously, care and award. Gan Lianfang is opposite in country of the proposal in draft resolution the star athlete of the project of blame Olympic Games that has special contribution has money reward. He thinks, this is helpful for leading the development that is not Olympic Games project. Gan Lianfang still put forward 4 in draft resolution specific proposal:The first, the project of blame Olympic Games that counterpoise of national sports total bureau orders should be made give aid to, promotion and development plan, build an organization, perfect administrative mechanism. The 2nd, establish national group, have organization, according to plan, target ground tries to foster and train. The 3rd, create promotive fund, commend to be rewarded with material to obtaining the star athlete of world-class achievement to carry out. The origin of fund, can offer through sports lottery, also can initiate a society to collect money. The 4th, it is those who be not Olympic Games project to commercialize run, offer strong policy to give aid to accuse with superintendency palm. Gan Lianfang expresses to the reporter, he submits this proposal, basically be hope country most can bankroll, a few helps offer in the growing initial stage that is not athlete of Olympic Games project. “ hope country is OK pour into a few force, organize them, develop a few outstanding young plant, do not let them be buried to be in folk. ”Gan Lianfang says, table tennis is famous the family of player Ding Junhui sells the house to foster him in those days. I do not think “ to see such circumstance ” again. Gan Lianfang says, the prime cause of his draft resolution, it is to want to suggest the country is chance with the Olympic Games, drive the development that is not abstruse project and body building of the whole people. He thinks project of Olympic Games of a lot of blame, have masses base more than Olympic Games project actually, the quality that the whole people shares is stronger. “ whole nation hits the person of table tennis, bowling and golf to add in can be to get very astonishing number greatly, the country can strengthen the support of these pair of spherule motion projects. In the big ball motion such as basket sufficient platoon, we may have difference with other country on fitness, on spherule project, we can be with other country on same scratch line competition. ”The continuance of system of the whole nation? The person that regard F1 Shanghai as the operation of station match, shanghai is long the race of F1 racing bicycle that Jiang Lan of general manager of limited company of management of thing international match runs also calculates project of dispute Olympic Games, but this draft resolution to Gan Lianfang's committee member, he expressed different view. Country of ginger billows approve of should promote the development of project of Olympic Games of a few blame with more energy and capital, but he also expresses, the country takes money to come out to make award is in 39 batches of hoisting jack, have the effect of a lever, but this lever wants prize it what thing must be limitted is clear that what thing must be limitted. Look in him, gan Lianfang stars because of blame Olympic Games athlete achievement is broken through somewhat in draft resolution, contend for honorarily for the country, the ground that should get the country is rewarded thereby is inadequate. He feels cannot be equal sports achievement and national honor simply rise, national eye also should not notice gold only, . I do not approbate “ the country goes money to foster a batch of people to be a country win honour for, this way is wrong. ”Professor Huang Yaling of Beijing sports university also holds similar point of view: &Ldquo; to resembling table tennis, golf, racing bicycle such motion, I feel to also not was necessary to go by the country contributive go developing star. Professor Huang Yaling thinks this requirement props up the draft resolution that is not Olympic Games project, more returning is the problem thinks below system of organization of former the whole nation, and sports activity will rely on society and market morely in prospective development. After she thinks to end in the Olympic Games, the country will produce a change to the consciousness of gold. In the athletics sports respect that is a delegate with Olympic Games project, should not continue to adopt the system of the whole nation that in order to goes, talent material resources is thrown entirely. Below this kind of circumstance, professor Huang Yaling thinks to be in respect of project of blame Olympic Games, the country needs to advocate the whole people to participate in more. We cannot change “ infirmly on one hand the supportive strength of Olympic Games project, foster the sports elite that is not an Olympic Games on the other hand however. ”Jiang Lan thinks, development sports should emphasize the whole people participating in a gender. “ should let sports become an upsurge, the one part of the healthy way of life that shares into humanness person. Masses sports becomes the basis strong, the birth of Olympic Games champion is the process of a success will come when conditions are ripe only. ”· link·Gan Lianfang is eleventh sporting world of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference is other delegate, his another identity is president of group of Beijing star card. Group of Beijing star card starts at first the production at desk of astral card billiards, at present already the many domains such as field of sortie sports product, estate, hotel, golf. During holding the position of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the proposal that Gan Lianfang submits once had caused very big echo. 2003, his proposal proposal mixes bowling table tennis business tax from 20% fell 5% . His proposal got the self-identity of total bureau of national tax Wu later. Via approval of the State Council, in June 2004, total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu issued the announcement that reduces tax rate of business tax of table tennis, bowling about tone jointly, fall the business tax of these two balls to 5% , carry out since July 1, 2004.

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