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Life contrail poineering course as a child carpenter to bowling king
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Camera lens backdate arrives 19 years before: With craft of a suit carpentry, do-nothing boy He Bangxi, walk into new capital. Stand in square of Beijing railway station for the first time, at the moment high-rise is bristly, wagon flow does not cease, feel 40 yuan of money that leave in the pocket, understand in He Bangxi heart, how is the challenge that oneself face above all namely in the capital “ is living ”……Beijing arrives at the beginning of “ , difficulty cannot be envisaged simply. After ” is old, sit in the office of bounty of rare Ma group, he Bangxi uses the Beijing word with do-nothing and dialectal be mingled with, recount the hardships when working to the reporter, dialect is relaxed and slow. That momently, the sunshine of wintry day asperses the body that falls in him to go up, warm and bright. Arrive from the person that work bowling king, he Bangxi walked out of orbit of life of a paragraph of blazing. Review poineering course, his feeling character is very simple: One by craft, 2 rely on sincerity, 3 it is to have the courage to think and act. Depend on craft and sincerity, he moved Fu of a pair of an old fellow like me, received the first work in the capital; Because have the courage to think and act, he takes the order form of next Beijing Asia Games successfully, earn life “ ” of the first pail of gold. 1989, asia Game technology prepares a group to face carpentry of social invite applications for a job, the title of the exam already simple slashing: Hit desk of a piece of snooker, the standard should achieve England to produce a standard formerly. At that time, the table tennis device that domestic place uses is imported from England mostly, one should be spent 60 thousand multivariate. “ Chinese the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Heaven can be built, is a small table tennis table built? ” He Bangxi begins to study table tennis to manufacture technology, with one action wins 4 countries patent, while change billiards equipment counts an import, also changed oneself life contrail. 1995, he Bangxi investigation discovers home does not have a bowling to produce manufacturer, want every year to cost 6 billion yuan to buy entrance bowling equipment. Why cannot this money let “ does the Chinese earn? The He Bangxi that have the courage to think and act threw ” very quickly bowling development. Proper technology personnel people protect to abroad age equipment was torn open outfit, installed tear open, when undertaking study to consider, the American expert right on sb's head that comes round to make an on-the-spot investigation sprinkled a cold water, they are fatidical: The Chinese is not built 5 years piece protect age equipment, cannot go up 10 years the market. Later, company of bowling of a Korea comes actively, put forward to become a shareholder with technology and management, the condition is to must use Korea label, he Bangxi chose none hesitantly to abandon, the brand —— that he holds to to use his hopes Ma. Rainbow sees after harships, 1997 the end of the year, rare Ma of He Bangxi is protected age equipment moves toward the market eventually. Now nowadays, rare Ma is protected age equipment held the home market of 75% and the international market of 30% , they are own the electron of research and development answers ball technology to be in lead position in the world. He Bangxi says, “ is on own innovation, strange luck is the teacher of rare Ma, a hero that we want to learn strange luck is angry, with world synchronism, get even run the world. ” speaks of this, the middleaged man with this stout honest and sincere can'ts help warming up. [person sense character] the person that   does poineering work wants to have the courage to think and act. When you are on the way that realizes a dream truly, you can discover, what the dream does not envisage like you actually is distant in that way. (Li Yuebo)   origin: " Anhui daily "

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