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Fauvism Howard loves to protect most age 244 minutes of record can w
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Although Howard is fauvism, but play the bowling with an exquisite technology also a bit is not poor, his record high has been the ace in amateur 244 minutes. Dwight - Howard let him become the earth to go up because of basketball most the person that gets attention, the championship buckling basket that just wins in new orleans lets him again person energy of life is cruel add. But do not play basketball when Howard of " of " demon animal when, the project that he loves most is dozen of bowling however. Do not think this year just Howard technology of 22 years old is general, actually otherwise. I like “ win a ball, I can play the bowling with pretty good skill. Ah, really too meaning. ” Howard continues to emphasize saying, “ besides basketball, what I love most is to protect age! ”Howard plays bowling for the first time is 2004. Once pure Howard falls in love with what motion to appear to be able to become very devoted, since at that time, he begins to pay close attention to bowling match, for example the match of alliance of woman profession bowling and American bowling team. Bowling of youth of the United States before and he is returned was being visited the coach Kendeli of the team - Gannisi. I have “ now 5 bowling, one is to seek the Buddhist nun not edition (marine general mobilization) of edition of team of baseball of Yang Ji of ball, new York with 3 professional bowling. ” suddenly Hua Depo is proud say. When Howard just enters NBA, cease the summer of contest period is he plays bowls time wildly, want to make on a few innings everyday almost. But, after having name more and more when him, the time that leaves him freedom is less and less also, more commercial activities occupied his much breathing space. Of Howard once mixed Kelisi - the bowling competition that Paul has crossing charity, and Howard level is quite high, “ my him hope can hit a full marks 300 minutes, my present record is 244 minutes. Ah, so I still must rise now. ” Howard say. When Howard is seeking bowling result ceaselessly, his basketball career also is going on ascent, at present he can rob below 14.5 bank every, the rank is allied the first; All be alliance 21.8 minutes the 14th. And, he still does not have absent this year a match.

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