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Prepare for war world use is met undergo self-imposed hardships so a
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch to prepare for war world games was reached 2009 2010 Asia Game, the team returns national bowling again Beijing, the wintry train that began them lives. Chinese bowling team is meet undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth of world games, Asia Game head-on, practice hard strong result. National bowling the team is daily set out 8:10 in the morning, pass subway change, will to Beijing Xidan connect harbor edifice dream to pick up bowling house from guesthouse of sports of the Temple of Heaven, began punctual training at 9 o'clock, rested partly at 12 o'clock eat lunch, began to train or be returned at 2 o'clock afternoon undertake physical ability trains near place where troops are stationed, have summary and theory study in the evening. Up to now, such life repeated 3 months. But look in this be like reduplicative 3 the middle of a month, the physical ability of team member and technology are in gradually strengthen, team also more unite and fill fighting capacity. “ is, these children just drilled a month ah, although grade is not high, but integral framework is already special and stable, the movement is particularly beautiful also, future cannot set limit to. ”This is player of outside of the part on the competition of countrywide bowling elite that has in not long ago the deep feeling that gives out after the match in a few when see our state young athletes. At that time, two athletes enter the Wang Chunlei that comes from Jiangsu salt city, Zhoujiayang the team has only in January, and just turn from UFO ball and practice curve ball. Especially Zhoujiayang, just 16 years old, favour plays countrywide bowling although he of top level match says when be summed up after contest he gave a suit sweat, have ” of bit of “ little tension, but the expression on field still got a lot of players praise. Should say, these young athletes are in just contacted bowling to have national group the training of special system, it is very lucky to them. Same, in “ of national sports total bureau and ” of Olympic Games person of the same trade energetically below the appeal, the bowling that the wintry model of the team also gave national bowling our country develops more systematization, comprehensive change, specializationed opportunity. During assemble for training, national bowling many trainer joined the group the physical ability that national sports total bureau runs grooms course, harvest quite of abundant with this formulate national group physical ability trains a plan and try to carry out; In invite international to get ball association coach to come China communication while the scientific research train that we also had group of the first nation, fight those who be us the weapon has more careful research; To seek the way that bowls of a development innovates, we chose the student of Tianjin sports institute to practice basic skill be being fostered from the beginning into the team, got affirm and be answered extensively while as square as each district association communicates. One pace does “ business, all things start is bad, we do not fear an attempt, more do not fear failure, more pass recent study test and verify what is more,the rather that the path that we choose before is correct, we will step down all the time along this road, because our target is,establish a physical ability, technology, tactics, psychology, scientific research to wait all-around systematization, specializationed nation group. ” is in introduce physical ability training and scientific research content gradually while, all coaches of the official of Chinese bowling association and national group expressed their determination and confidence. (beautiful Xin)
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