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About the complement of countrywide bowling tounament informed 2007
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Each take part in the match unit:

Countrywide bowling tounament saved Zhengzhou city to hold in Henan on September 2007 2007, show additional announcement to be as follows:

One, game time

Because take part in the match the team is more, according to team circumstance signing up, match program weaves lengthen. Game time is changed to came on September 14 on September 22, reported for duty for competion area on September 14 among them day, on September 15 ball check, exercise, hold meeting of technology of the leader of a sports team, came 21 days on September 16 the match, 22 days of defection. Hope to concern take part in the match the unit arranges good route ahead of schedule.

2, take part in the match about the woman the explanation of qualification of team member age

Take part in the match when athlete of each team woman the number is little at 3 people, do not calculate woman party and organization assembly accomplishment, nonexistent also age asks to restrict.

3, match oil

This second match oil use the Asia Game is oily 2006 model. Specific oil land inquiry of net of Chinese bowling association please.

4, appear as a result of original electrograph discontinuous breakdown, the unit that asks reappearance fax sends the fax 010-67161733.

Inform hereby.

Quan Jinsai's oil (long oil)

Quan Jinsai's oil (short oil)

2 OO7 year on September 4

Thematic word: Match of spherule center bowling informs

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