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Tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia will be held in Beijing
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch learns from Chinese bowling association, tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia will on August 16, 2007 —23 day is in Beijing beautiful the house holds restaurant bowling. This match is sponsorred by Asian bowling association, chinese bowling association undertakes, beijing sports always is met and Beijing bowling association assist do. This is Chinese bowling association hold since hold water first intercontinental contest. Bencibi surpasses the important match that is Asian bowling federation, got the height of Asian bowling federation and international bowling federation takes seriously.

This second contest is dimensions of throughout history of tounament of Asian teenage bowling the biggest, take part in the match team and player are most, assemble complete Asia's finest teenage bowling athlete, 19 countries such as special, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China mix Taipei of Macao of chief of a tribe of mutual A couplet, Egypt, Australia, Philippine, Guam, Korea, Korea, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, China Hong Kong, China, China, sand 118 of the area. Basis inferior the provision that defends couplet, every country and area can sign up at most 8 people take part in the match, among them player of male and female each 4 people. Our country select beautiful of result of male player Cheng, Yang Wei, Feng Nan, Zhang Yi and female athlete 8 athletes attend mattress of old Dong Dong, Wu Suqin, Zhang Qian, Yan Yin this second match. To get used to the development trend of international bowling technology, prepare for war Asia Game and world games, develop mothball person with ability, chinese team the player that the male player of this second select is curve ball technology entirely, the age is in 22 years old in 18 years old between.

Good to do tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia arranges the job, the organizing committee did much preparative work inside short time, made scientific and careful preparatory job plan. Adjust time of work and rest for convenient player, convenient each team centers training and match, chinese bowling association is inspecting relative foundation to go up with all possible means, chose an environment quiet and tastefully laid out, infrastructure is perfect, the service is high-class beautiful restaurant regards the match as place and delegation place where troops are stationed, change to making sure the partial equipment of the match undertakes, undertake detecting in the round maintenance to lane, strive to take part in the match individually the match environment that the team builds a fairness and sweet rest atmosphere.

Wonderful sports match backside is having each support of square personage and effort, appreciate the effort of each sponsor and personage of social all circles and support. Thank each media friend more, of the match wonderful it is you are depicted bonnily.

The brief program of the match is as follows:

Each took part in the match on August 14 the team arrives at Beijing, enter beautiful hotel, ball check
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