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Dimension amounts to bowling club league matches to undertake condition and unde
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Dimension amounted to match of league matches of countrywide bowling club to undertake 2007 condition and undertake square right is compulsory

1, offer at least 16 in good condition lane inside same plane, relevant measure, same batch, accord with competition demand at least 7 into new bowling bottle, normally of accord with of ball bottle weight sets (6 ounce reach 3 pounds 10 ounce) .

2, mechanical movement is normal, do not delimit ball; Foul lamp bell is normal; Computer billiard-marker system and alternate path cursor are normal.

3, have lane to fall balance of check of oil of cleaning machine of oily machine, lane, lane, clear lotion, ball, underline feet, computer, copycat and long distance call (direct seeding uses) , make sure equipment movement is normal.

4, stock is corresponding quantitative marker and service personnel, have the integrated capacity that cooperates the match that finish.

5, the light, power source, field accord with central stage the requirement of television relay.

6, take part in the match the athlete is in by the application form assist when practice a ball game of house running a ball, should give at least 8 lose privilege.

7, the surpasses first entirely bureau cost in enjoying this station game.

8, undertake to just can enjoy free billboard in hookup spot together (1mX0.8m) , this billboard also can recieve guesthouse to the match or tripartite is made over, be designed by oneself and make, classics of its advertisement beard sponsors unit examine and verify, content is not gotten with advocate sponsor interest conflict, must accord with a country to concern a provision, specific place basis spot condition by sponsor an unit to decide.

9, the right that enjoys position of the edge below the fender of buy bottle area in hookup lane to show place name, if this advertisement position needs to make over, need to agree to approve via Chinese bowling association, but font area size must be accorded with sponsor an unit to set, do not get the sponsor ad on fender of area of cloggy buy bottle.

10, class of responsible connection SamSung and above guesthouse, offer standard double world freely 10 (or between standard two-men 5, odd world 5) eat of as soon as possible, reach middleman and guarantor as spherule center assist match administrator, CCTV and the contest that the match publicizes personnel period housing. Match administrator needs 4-5 day, CCTV and personnel of match conduct propaganda need. Specific housing measure is fluctuant inside afore-mentioned limits. Take part in the match when the athlete lodges by the application form, this guesthouse should give at least 8 lose privilege.

11, assistance books return berth or plane ticket to wait.

12, departmental door of place of responsible and harmonious competion area concerns, make sure the match goes on wheels.

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