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About league matches of countrywide bowling club informed Vida 2007
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Each take part in the match unit:
To arouse further society the enthusiasm of each respect, dig and develop the masses base that bowling moves, stimulative project gains ground, promote project development, via studying a decision, dimension amounted to league matches of countrywide bowling club to will come in April 2007 in the whole nation 8 cities circuit was held in November.

This match faces a society, with the place of bowling industry inside and outside, enterprise, club, and spacious office, school, enterprise, institution is take part in the match main body, with Beck dual meet of type team time is contest form, have extensive participation quality. This match is national sports activity of another when innovation of association of bowling of management center of sports of total bureau spherule, China rolls out national great match. Current race amounts to international to accuse a limited company to provide assistance by dimension, RMB of match bonus amount 760 thousand yuan, CCTV sports channel will be mixed to each station preliminary contest total final undertakes television relay.

After surpassing Bencibi agonistic rules and announcement of timeline of each station match to add now, organize a team to sign up please take part in the match.
2 OO 7 years on April 10
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