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2007 Chinese country bowling method of team primary election
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Chinese country bowling the team is to reflect our country bowling to move top level, join the athletic rank of international bowling match on behalf of our country. To get used to the old tendency that Asian bowling develops; Hold to the training of science, long-term, system; Better prepare for war world games was mixed 2009 2010 Guangzhou Asia Game, we should build capacity of a technology quality of strong, psychology it is good, certain to have the latent capacity, bowling rank that fills spark. Make Chinese country bowling from this method of team primary election, assistance teachs the member that practice is comprised scientific select material, the many sided such as spirit of consciousness of manner of ability, primary to athlete athletics quality, psychology quality, training, group, patriotism undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation integratedly. Participate an athlete to want to abide by competion area regulation strictly, it is to appearing inside competition ground, outside wait for communal circumstance smoking, drink, the athlete that gamble and other violate travel notes to be, will termless cancel qualification of selected nation group.
One, elite surpasses achievement: Occupy total grading 30%
⑴ achievement ranks (10% ) :
Before the rank 12 (contain)
Thirteenth name rises
Line of ⑵ average score (20% ) :
205 minutes / the bureau is the following
0% , 5%
206-219 is divided / bureau
5% , 10%
220 minutes / bureau above
11% , 20%
2, capability of technology of assess of coach constituent analyse: Occupy total grading 60%
The stability of ⑴ accident oily achievement: (10% )
Accident oil distinguishs difference 0, 10 minutes
Accident oil distinguishs difference 10, 20 minutes
Accident oil cent differs 20 minutes of above
Ability of ⑵ head bureau, end bureau (in all 6% , each are occupied 3% )
Head bureau achievement 220 minutes of above
End bureau achievement 230 minutes of above