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Build the port that place lane detects
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In view of above a lot of reason, beijing is protected assist took the lead in beginning lane to detect in the whole nation the job. Work to drive this better spread out, association group person specially assigned for a task attended by FIQ ASIAN ZONE (Asian bowling is allied) held major grooms class, obtained the letter of corresponding level, still purchased professional testing instrument. If field adopted this standard detect, without doubt the formal contest that this field can hold all sorts of level, include international game. Go up definitely in check mark, use at present outside eliminating level of ABC / WIBC, still having a level is the measure of management of project of << Beijing athletic sports that cooperates to be promulgated next year >> and make, namely mark of check of lane of house of management sex ball allows << Beijing >> . To mechanical part detect already also began to undertake inside year.

At present this industry returns bowling non-standard, whereto does not know to complain after issue producing between a lot of owner and supplier. Beijing is protected assist receive in complaining, be association of the person that expend from consumption or prices branch turn more very come over, to these complaining, beijing is protected assist stand on external position, active assistance user justice, solve a problem reasonably, already redeemed a loss for many owner now. But if every owner is in,sign a contract with the supplier while, equipment in checking and accept a standard to also include concerned provision, and equipment till be checked and accept finally,be from replenish onr's stock under effective superintendency, can avoid in the future a lot of inconvenience so, can make our market health develops in order more.

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