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Build the port that place lane detects
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Tell from a respect, compare as a result of bowling level previously low, the part that field regards amusement as is very large, mix to the machine in those days the demand of lane is not very high. Now, as player level rise, stricter and stricter to the requirement of lane and equipment, field also complies with wet flow direction only standardization, specialization development, ability makes the player creates good grade, attract more customers at the same time, such court just also can have an outlook. Say from another respect, building a lane is very costly, the life of a lane is about 25 years or so, and its cost occupies 1 / about in whole equipment 3, just think if equipment installation is improper cause malign wear away, with respect to the service life that can lower it greatly. Owner investment is huge endowment built lane is abandoned before the service life that did not reach it, this cost is too big.

In be being operated actually after although equipment of each ball house is installed,ending, owner should undertake checking and accept, but majority checks and accept the evaluation that is confined to pair of equipment exteriors, visit facility namely additionally whether movement, only this just. The truth is very simple: The first, owner has the expert of this industry rarely; The 2nd, owner people the testing instrument that has major impossibly also, because whether this equipment installation accords with a standard,can rely on the level that installs business oneself and quality only greatly. In fact we discover, the quality that nearly two years equipment installs far under before some the quality of year of equipment installation, a lot of equipment run time 9 years parts begins ability be not normal attaint, have more very person, the firm house that build a ball still does not have lane of official start business to exceed bid badly. At present Beijing has had the precedent that ball house exists to install a problem badly because of lane quality and influence ball house manages.

In fact of bowling equipment detecting is special specializationed job, because our country begins this campaign time to compare evening, still do not have at present from already standard, this work is begun on international already very old, it has a quite mature check mark to allow. According to FIQ (international bowling is allied) regulation, what use generally is ABC / WIBC on international (association of bowling of woman of international of / of American bowling association) lane check mark is accurate. Our country to draw close to international standard, basically delay at present those who use is this standard. This standard includes 3 parts to add up to 30 many projects, the place that basically detects is: Aid footpath, foul baseboard of stage of bottle of surface of line, lane, buy, machine, among them everybody's relatively hep project is the 22nd, transverse gradient and cave in are spent, according to ABC / WIBC (association of bowling of woman of international of / of American bowling association) standard regulation: Rise in route of designation accessary criminal compasses locally the transverse gradient of lane surface does not exceed 40 / 1000 inches, delay each bits more transverse cave in is spent also cannot exceed 40 / 1000 inches, every this a variety of have firm demand each times among them, content covered each parameter of whole lane. With respect to testing instrument, it includes appearance of lane measuring instrument, tiring-room, groovy stage appearance to wait (see illustration) , these instruments are to be used at attestation of ABC / WIBC, detect for lane only and tailor-made, and what personnel should pass FIQ more is special groom, only such ability assure detected accuracy.
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