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Build the port that place lane detects
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Today, bowling is in with the speed of emerge countrywide each district is swift and violent development, build place row upon row of, of emerge as the times require protect age equipment supplier cans be found everywhere, from abroad entrance equipment arrives domestic equipment, still have additionally many and secondhand equipment floods the market, face so multifarious market numerous the investment business that thinks denounce endowment builds a house often majority is at a loss. The choose and buy of equipment is completely actually OK decide according to respective need, because want be normal manufacturer only,finalize the design product, its quality should be to have those who assure. The problem is bowling equipment not be to buy a hand with respect to everything is just fine, at this moment the user gets still be a semi-manufactured goods only, after be being debugged through installation only, these equipment ability investment are used. Although also be to begin merely so, equipment whether normal movement, depend on greatly the installation level of equipment.

Of the issue that Beijing bowling association receives concerned facility recently complain Youshangsheng trend, from 97 years Beijing of second half of the year is protected age association begins bowling path to detect since the job, detected in each district in succession hundreds of lane that size counts 10 bowling houses, discover what equipment puts in oneself blemish truly to be occupied only very small one part, and on the installation of problem out equipment of great majority, still have an interesting appearance additionally namely: Many entrances are brand-new equipment cannot run normally, and homebred equipment is moved however turn freely, investigate its reason is concerned with the technical level that installs a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale greatly, especially as bowling in recent years the bitter fleabane break out of this motion is exhibited, have quite one part is medley the " of team of “ careless station that rise installs a team to enter this industry, more brought a lot of issues. The author does not want to add an analysis more here, these phenomena are not the content of article discussion. Here we emphasize the equipment that talks how to solve new place to install quality problem.

Everybody knows bowling path cent is ligneous with synthesis two kinds of lane, to ligneous lane, it is by 39 go all out to make and be become to 42 board, its ply is 7 centimeters about, with special nog the hammer is together among, such its hypostatic ply not better than without nail are controlled 3.5 centimeters, these 3.5 centimeters of large board repair limits when what after it is out of shape, can offer namely. If the error when installation is bigger, to satisfy the requirement that installs precision, repair for the first time corresponding ply ability up to mark goes down with respect to need nap when grinding. Be about for some time too later burnish (author Ceng Jian has domestic ball house to grind below 7 millimeter at most too) , if a lane passes such burnish nap, its life canned be imagined. Additional if foundation (Chibbing) common calls a foundation wood, installation is not proper, the whole of the lane after can holding with day is out of shape. Because of foundation (Chibbing) be just like shock absorber, face square of 1800 pounds / inch bowling concussion, have its ability only well amortize ball brings to bear on the wallop in lane surface, ensure the normal motion of the ball; And will tell to be being synthesized, although it has very strong impact resistance to reach need not the advantage such as burnish, but if install not up to standard, build hind of the whole day to be out of shape badly even, also existing to affect used issue likewise. It is ligneous lane or synthetic lane no matter additionally, because a variety of reasons want to happen in use process,be out of shape, because this presses a regulation to want every year to undertake detecting to lane at least, if be out of shape,be about badly to undertake adjustment to corresponding place. To equipment installation, a lot of components need the spot to undertake debugging, if the short of when installation asks, not only the acceleration that can endorse device wears away, may make equipment cannot run to affect the business of ball house even normally more.
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