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Synthesize wooden run-up area nurse
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Every time monsoon comes, weather moisture, the ball house of lane of wood of a lot of use synthesis, often appear the phenomenon that run-up area slips not quite.

Use synthesis bowl, need to remove dust in time to run-up area, everyday not less than 3. Such but bring down dirt and run-up area surface grind.
Because synthetic wood surface is very slick, if temperature and humidity control are undeserved, the water that makes air easily medium is formed thin thin hydrosphere, condense in the surface of run-up area. Proper temperature should be 18 to 22 degrees between, pass when temperature tall, can accumulate in air have many water share, your humidity rises. Temperature should be controlled in 40% reach five. And be not business hours in the evening, had better maintain control in 22 degrees. If evening cannot supply air conditioning, before should doing business 2 open air conditioning to 3 hours, your temperature is controlled.
The Wu grain that clean run-up zone time must imprint down wood undertakes, can make otherwise run-up area surface suffers an effect.
The shoe of the player, especially the bottom of the shoe must fixed cleanness, obliterate smeary with dust. Vertical stroke also answers to brush when Qing Dynasty brushs sole. If feel the shoe is too slippery, can the horizontal stroke brushs sole. If sole is wet already, should change, wait for the reuse after working, the client goes should changing a shoe when toilet. Sole is wet and easy bring send slip reach influence run-up area.
The player rests the ball house of area use carpet, the cleaner of carpet should press standard dilute, cleaner crosses thick meeting to produce precipitation, if do not have seasonable blot, can stick bottom of sole a shoe, also can affect glissade.
The player rests the area should avoid to use need to hit dried meat the floor that nurse, marble or glue floor. Floor dried meat is stuck in sole to be able to make player cannot glissade.
The player rests the floor of the area, had better choose nurse easily reach need not special cleanness, hit dried meat material.
Inside run-up area forbidden use slippery noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, slippery pink reachs a shoe to be able to be damaged into huge to surface of run-up area lane. Had done nurse daily, run-up area can appear far from glissade is difficult. Help glissade with slippery pink, can make a problem exasperate only, cannot make up for finally.
If when the player plays a ball game, need to quicken glissade individually, can use person region to aid slippery agent, make run-up area surface more slippery. When using, need to was on dry towel only, arrange wooden grain graze in glissade area next, can achieve satisfactory result, (already blew a flower like run-up area surface, do not have too great help) . Be sure to keep in mind! Must not use French chalk or talcum powder, after these powder and dust lane oily agglutinate, can become particle, make finally glissade more not smooth, can grind area of the flower, run-up that blow a flower.
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