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Maintain plan branch implement experience is long simple and easy method of Chan
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Hold the figure of ball house, interest that increases ball friend to play a ball game, good equipment is very important. Plan cent implement it is ball friend most one of equipment that often contact. Should maintain it bright and clean be like new, avoid damage to kill, actually very simple. Maintain plan branch below implement simple method, by Bin Shiyu security personnel limited company is offerred, consult for ball house and ball friend only.

Use Shi Buqing regularly clean plan is divided implement crust, indication screen and clavier. Avoid to use cleaner and grease dissolvent, lest damage plan cent implement lacquer face, indication screen and clavier. If must use cleaner, ask preexistence plan to divide implement not conspicuous place experiments. Decide this cleaner won't be right plan cent implement form after damaging, ability can touch cleaner on dry cloth to undertake cleanness. Must not cleaner direct eject is in plan cent implement on.

If ball house is the plan component that uses the formula that touch screen implement, do not use coarse rag. In the meantime, avoid to go up toward indication screen please eject any liquids. Ball hand should avoid to put rag in plan cent implement on, because dishcloth may contain chemical agent, be like bowls cleaner, damage lacquer surface.

Consult of above simple and easy defend a method, plan cent implement but experience is long Chang Xin. Admirable plan cent implement carry screen on the head through condole, the friend that it is a ball brings lively and colour profusion, lovely animation, add the pleasure that play a ball game greatly.

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