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The management of bowling house reachs management
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It is equipment maintains next, the technology of maintenance technician wants excellent, and conscientious. Good (monitor) it is indispensible. Maintain equipment to be in good moving position, midway stops the processing of machine to want rapid and seasonable, (dozen dozen stop stop) can make a ball friendly feeling feel disappointed, this also is one of main reasons that lose a customer.

Ball house business is close friends, want to protect old client already, want to attract new customer ceaselessly again, conduct propaganda and promotion are indispensable. Uptodate, depreciating is ball house commonly used method, but pure depreciate and cannot give ball house how many advantage, and the price falls, come up again hard, why to use different privilege, already agile, substantial. Actually each ball house already was used (high component award) , (red vase award) , (consume integral award) or similar prize play a ball game enthusiastic, but this kind of award too general already, the client already felt coma, want to try to be unique, be about to change regularly award, use practical article, wait like commodity, home appliance, if can be added,go up ball house number is better. Additional, to a few

(have a fever friendly) offer free store content ark also is tweak.

Contest of Zhou Sai, month, Ji Sai and regional club the activity such as contest, also advantageous maintain and expand protect age consumption group, the development that no matter have the business or bowling to place,moves all beneficial.

From long-term look, popularize and gain ground protect age motion, bring into it (fitness of the whole people) orbit just is the basic measure that adds business sincering feeling. Because this multiform ball ability grooms,watch of class, professional ball acts, and face office group, especially the promotion activity of the school is effective. If ball house can undertake popularizing an activity jointly, the effect is more distinct. Saying path, (without impracticable, want to be less than only. ) does the experience of here talk to have He Qifa to you? Also talk about your view, how?

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