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The management of bowling house reachs management
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The management of bowling house

Inside constituent management is the base that has management, had managed interior only, ability is managed normally go down.

Make efficient constituent structure

1. organizes structural importance:

Running an organization is to achieve a common goal and the staff that create combines a form.
Administrative organization has mighty power, can have a support of the people that disperses originally individually different capacity, the person of distinct personality, the organization has common cause into, the whole that coordinates each other.
The ethics of high level should emphasize in constituent management, but morality is not abstraction, preach emptily, in filling the action with specific now fission however.
2. organizes constituent element:

Decision-making hub - make a target, politic (field director) .
Middle-level personnel - communicate, harmonious, leader, control (director, foreman)
Should carry core - ball house is main battalion carry part (general staff) .
Technical structure - the technology is participated in (mechanical maintenance technician) .
Auxiliary personnel - administrator (civil member, art design) .
Make corresponding administrative system

Employee manual
Of the operation flow of each working procedure make
System of rewards and punishment
Business form is designed
Financial institution
Purchase a system
Employee wages is made
Maintenance system
Diction of field standard broadcast
Development and safeguard effective morale

Fair principle: Rewards and punishment is trenchant award of have rendered great service is wrong punish

Handle affairs strictly by the system: Not the person is made, want legal stability and expectation

Solve good employee trouble back at home, let employee sense the opportunity that has development.

The management of bowling house and the experience that supervise integrated and real work, need basis is specific circumstance, provide system to manage method and administrative pattern surely, the development in the market that changing ceaselessly and perfect.

Ball house manages the basic law

Protecting age in tide, the business of ball house is endless and identical, manage ball house to there is He Bi part after all? From course of study ball house boss of more than 20 years says to the author: It is personnel quality and service, 2 it is equipment maintains with maintenance, 3 it is conduct propaganda and promotion.

It is personnel quality and service, enthusiastic, considerate, seasonable service can pull the distance of close ball house and ball friend, one cup heats up tea, word of a few the daily life of a family, it is only to those especially (look first) client, already enough calls a ball friend people the heart gives birth to good impression. When ball friend has demand, service personnel already was smiling to stand in back, help him think way immediately, such (overflow) enjoy do not make a ball friendly how again and again patronage! Add distinctive food, beverage and other recreation equipment, ball house can make the intercourse room that people heads for gladly. The service is a painstaking work, a lot of subtle parts, if controller wants to be less than, perhaps groom to the clerk insufficient, had done impossibly, and client criterion can leave bad impression to ball house. They will surely be not complained, dan Yongyuan also came no longer. Alleged (see drive at fine point) , cannot inadvertent.
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