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The management of bowling house reachs management
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Bowling is in our country is a burgeoning athletic project. As an athletic sports, national Sport Commission already labelled bowling the athletic sports project that develops formally, be in before long the match item that will be included the Olympic Games in the future. As a recreational activities, it already was accepted by broad masses place. Because this motion is had,do not accept restriction of the age, climate, appliance is simple wait for an advantage, develop quickly in upsurge of fitness of the whole people, cause bowling house to open more more, competition is more and more intense, so battalion of bowling travel already reachs what management shows to be weighed particularly wanted.

Bowling house is managed and managing supplement each other, good management is administrative assurance, good management is to do well management base.

The management of bowling house:

1. business hours: The person grow in quantity of night life, years of nightly fritter away goes bowling house already becoming fashion, the income of evening show is considerable. A lot of large ball houses practice 24 hours of industry and agriculture now.

2. time paragraph collect fees: Different time wants those who differ to make collect fees the price. Collect fees differently the price is to suit of different income consume a group and make. General component is morning experienced field, morning show, afternoon, evening performance, evening show. For example morning show, time paragraph it is before dawn commonly 6 when to 10 when, price is low suit a student very much, teacher, old people reachs lover of bowling of labour firewood estate. And evening performance time paragraph it is commonly 18 when to 23 when, because of this time paragraph come off work for most person time, guest flow is large, price is high, 2/3 what occupy round-the-clock turnover, period of time of the gold that be called. Because this wants,regard round-the-clock business key as this period of time. Some place still measure the crepuscular field with little and lower price according to dinner time passenger flow. Make these time paragraph the purpose is to increase passenger flow is measured, raise lane utilization rate, increase business income. Each ball house wants the geographical environment with located basis, road transportation and economy developed the differ and makes phasing answer time of degree paragraph price, follow not blindly row with respect to city.

Means of 3. sales promotion is decision-making

Personnel sales promotion: Group activity, the technology grooms class.
Media sales promotion: Enlarge sales promotion limits, increase an influence.
Public relations sales promotion: Market member card extensively, hold the match to raise ball house famous degree.
Business promotion: Conduct all sorts of activities, increase interest.
Above summarized strategy of a few management respects, actually a few bagatelle in real work also are very important. Run the article inside commutation ball house for example put the position, often give a guest new sense. Anyhow manages sales promotion activity to exist all the time.
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