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Ball house manages the decorous civilization that should notice battalion carry
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Outstanding businessman, should have strong social sense of responsibility above all, the artist with outstanding no less than is same, already held the post of with guiding people health, exalted appeal to be, is to cater to anything but.

Protect age movement movement to be (3 old gent move) head, its cultivation wants prep above amusement, the motion of intercourse function far outclass of decorous civilization reachs achievement itself. Ball house makes room of a of modern society new-style intercourse gradually, its battalion carries the actor bad of atmosphere is having all in all effect. Although each ball house is not negative,battalion carries the importance of atmosphere, and have ball house (formal) , (notice) kind thing, but the actual state of setting atmosphere lets a person can't bear utterance really however. Partial businessman, see only at the moment interest, hitting (development is protected age athletic in a popular style) cover. Not point out mistakes so that they can be corrected, do not guide, consume with elementary please even group, because this forms vicious circle: Administration fails, battalion carries atmosphere disorder can'ts bear, cause ball house to turn a China into the cheap public place of entertainment of type, oneself broke oneself site, prediction of a person's luck in a given year the passenger source of high administrative levels that can be main force of ball house consumption originally partly quite, this has to be a kind of regret. And, what we lose is profit of one part passenger source, one share not just, more important is an a businessman, industry is in the beauty in public mood praise degree. Such lesson, can we bear?

The stand or fall of atmosphere of carry of ball house battalion is actual be businessman society benefit is specific reflect. It should be placed in the discuss official business of owner to look Cheng comes up along with all the others with the economic benefits of ball house.

(promote protect age spirit, transmission is protected age culture, development is protected age motion, lead new style of fitness of the whole people) basic idea guides the management concept of goal house, behoove is current Zhu Jiaqiu the consensus of the house.

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