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Job of bowling place professional is normative
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The bottom that should assure the soft sole in you does not have gravelstone head, pushpin or belt stabber. This kind of thing is met the surface of cut lane. A few often be in bowling place (” of place of “ of the following abbreviation) working person, the belt when lane is worn on one Shuang Baoling gym shoes or rubber bottom shoe, this pair of shoes just wear in “ place ” , wear on lane especially. This is possessory to field due courtesy, and the person that to fouling via haunt the lane after the line goes up does not have too big inconvenience.

Although you are wearing soft sole, but want to be able to avoid only, still had better not want to walk on lane. Where should go so? Above all you may think of to aid a rope a kind of thing, but you can discover in the ball channel goes up very quickly not quite bad also. This is one kind states you are possessory to field (possessory ” of “ of the following abbreviation) very considerate method, but should assuring you is really walk on ball channel. Some are possessory be willing more you go on the cover board that answer a ball. Should ask Qing Dynasty is possessory so like which kind of way.

Next, if you are on a lane that has oil,walk, before going to aid footpath must cleaning your sole. The Chang Zhi of normal oily quantity dispute on lane is little, but " should is in the oily volume with aid footpath to go up normal 0 " , cannot be in aid oily floodwater on low-lying land keeps on footpath. If you aid footpath from lane trend, want to wipe sole with towel. Additionally one kind of method is to go elsewhere: Be absent aid footpath to had gone up, so, when you leave besmear to have oily lane, the oil of your sole won't adhere to in aid footpath to go up.

Suggest at last o'clock: The left that fierce? of idle of man of horsefly of Sui of Qu of box of huang3hu1 of cease let down with a rope walks along in lane as far as possible: 7Date bottle a side. When you walk, your shoe can take away the oil below the one part on lane, and major bowling member drop a ball with the right hand (note: The ball is passed in lane right) . Next oil on if you are likely littery lane, most the place that fortunately left, ball reachs rarely.

As a staff member, if you abide by these regulation, the person that you can be considered as professional and welcome patronage, field is possessory appreciate your courtesy is mixed considerate.

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