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Job of bowling place professional is normative
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Safety is regular

Want you to adopt some kind of simple precautionary measures to be able to avoid to get hurt only, so, checking bowling to is a secure job. If you are adopted precautionary measures is adverse, this job can bring wounded risk to you.

As staff member of a lane, must notice:

1, when you check lane rear, somebody is not careful actuate buy bottle implement make you get hurt;

2, slip on the lane that already left oil;

3, go up in lane when you formicate or fall, wooden thorn is plunged into enter or cut skin;

4, your head bumps into automatic buy bottle implement go up or prevent fender to go up;

Want you to abide by the following securing rules only, can avoid occurrence risk:

1, should make certain bowling place possessory the importance that notices the examination works adequately, make they ensure your working security; with proper way

2, do not hold bowling contest in bowling place when, undertake admissive checking;

3, should affirm automatic buy bottle implement closing, do admonitory sign to prevent others to open switch by accident;

4, wear nonskid soft sole as far as possible, because wearing bowling shoe,the ball that playing oil possibly also falls on the road;

5, in bowling on the road, do not carry too much tool, full thing was taken to increase the risk that fall on the hand;

6, the long clothes that should wear quality of a material to bear fruit, trousers, had better be thick twill;

7, in buy bottle area (also say to put bottle station) stand before rising, should believe firmly you already kept away from buy bottle implement.

Walk on lane

“ contraindication, ten million cannot walk on lane ” , but it is not a frame, but what is the norm that should observe? These lane are the property with bowling the most principal place, should cost a large number of money every year to maintain, change they. So, want to make clear, where should the staff member walk along? Other patronage person how should treat these lane in bowling place?

Use up you to be able to avoid to walk on lane. But not was necessary to become an acrobat to avoid to walk on lane, field is possessory also do not hope too exaggerative. If you can be found,need not walk on lane, the method that is not far from lane again is best.

Those who walk still can be in of course on lane. Proper, every square that the person that employs some kind of means to walk on lane exceeds a likelihood impossibly to the pressure of lane surface to form a harm to lane surface inch 1800 pounds. This one pressure is the average pressure that bowling generates when scroll. If need to walk on lane, want to try to adopt a few precautionary measures to be damaged in order to reduce what the likelihood causes.

Above all: If you are wearing heeled shoe or sole to have any good things, be like: Sole has outstanding nail, must not walk on lane. Cowboy boots and women's high-heeled shoes cannot exceptional. Rubber bottom shoe or bowling shoe are only OK.
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